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1621 Queens Rd.

Earle Sumner Draper came to Charlotte in 1915 to work as a landscape architect, supervising the layout of Charlotte’s newest neighborhoodMyers Park. He arrived after graduating from Massachusetts Agricultural College (now the University of Massachusetts); as part of his contract, Draper agreed to offer his landscape design services as a bonus to those who purchased lots in the new neighborhood. In less than two years, he’d earned a reputation as a talented landscape architect. In 1917 he opened his own firm, which grew to include offices in Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and New York. It may have been the first resident firm of a professionally trained landscape architect in the Southeast. Draper was responsible for the landscape design at numerous cemeteries, parks, and college campuses, including parts of Davidson and Winthrop Colleges. He bought the lot on Queens Road in 1918, but it took him five years to build a home on the property. The home was designed by architect Franklin Gordon and was meant to serve as a showplace for prospective clients. It took eight months to build the Tudor-style home, at a cost of between $40,000 and $45,000. In true Tudor style, each of the windows has 4,400 diamond-shaped leaded panes of glass. A family crest was carved out of stone and set into the chimney face. Draper, naturally, served as his own landscape architect. He took special care to design the garden to reflect the style of the home, adding an oval rose garden in the backyard. In 1932, Draper rented out the home when he left to pursue a job as the Director of Town Planning and Housing for the Tennessee Valley Authority. He planned to return to Charlotte after a short stint in Tennessee but other opportunities, including a short stint designing war housing around the country, meant that his plans never materialized. He rented the house out for 12 years before it was sold. The neighborhood kids used to say the house was haunted and refused to trick-or-treat there on Halloween. It is still maintained as a private residence.

When the Council of the Five Nation Lords shall convene they Istanbul Subway Map shall appoint a speaker for the day. He shall be a Lord of either the Mohawk, Istanbul Subway Map Onondaga or Seneca Nation. The next day the Council shall appoint another speaker, but the first speaker may be reappointed if there is no objection, but a speaker’s term shall not be regarded more than for the day. 15. No individual or foreign nation interested in a case, question or proposition shall have any voice in the Confederate Council except to answer a question put to him or them by the speaker for the Lords. 16. If the conditions which shall arise at any future time call for an addition to or change of this law, the case shall be carefully considered and if a new beam seems necessary or beneficial, the proposed change shall be voted upon and if adopted it shall be called, Added to the Rafters. Rights, Duties, and Qualifications of Lords 17. A bunch of a certain number of shell [wampum] strings each two spans in length shall be given to each of the female families in which the Lordship titles are vested. The right of bestowing the title shall be hereditary in the family of the females legally possessing the bunch of shell strings and the strings shall be the token that the females of the family have the proprietary right to the Lordship title for all time to come, subject to certain restrictions hereinafter mentioned.

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