Hey everybody whoo venture time again say we are heading off to the Rockies, I’m not too sure we gonna make it to Banff today.

Because it is a 10-hour Drive. But actually where are we going as usual we never know anything. So in the mix, I’m sure Banff is in the mix. But we need five days out there yes. So yeah we’re gonna get to the city to catch our bus ya think it’s like seven hours to get there that we’re doing to stop out, and start prepared for some scenic can’t you driving shots we just had our first stop today, and that’s in the background which is really nice, and then we are just going to travel probably for another couple of more hours we have to travel with two hours already, and then we’re gonna stop the lunch it’s good we’re stopping it Kamloops time loops that’s how we should be traveling. So we’ve stopped about kind of first stop of the actual tour, and we have the Summerhill pyramid winery, and it has the most amazing view we we got told the story they have like this pyramid, and once they’ve may even like the wine they set the wine in the pyramid for 30 days we went inside they made it all mystical, and magical yes then we tried wine, and all the wine here is like organic, and stuff organic, and what was the other one bio diverse bio diverse will buy organic or something bio diverse. But it means that they use organic products, and then on top of that they also do products they give back to nature.


So they have plants that will grow more bees to go pollinate, and I don’t know help BC yeah help the bees, and make sure that the waters are nice, and clean, and poison it was like the next level organic it was really cool. But the wine is actually really nice we don’t drink wine usually. But we cut Friday we tried it it was nice he’s a vine. But I think we are going to now drive for another couple two hours. So we’ve been driving for like five hours now, and then another two hours, and then we should be at our. So we just got to honey, I’m home I wanna show you guys around the room oh we got a nice big shower, and a bath, and a double vanity personally those robes oh oh, and then we got a bedroom, and they’ve separated us oh there’s a pool down there there’s out of you Wow God raised yeah, and then there’s the pool, and the hot tubs down there, and then we’ve got an icecap mountain just there yeah that’s awesome, and then also I didn’t show you guys go back in, and we have our own kitchen this is so nice I love, and then we have our own living room with a fireplace, and a TV yeah wow this place is really really nice hello Holly we get her to stay at hotels outside.

So we like never stay in hotels, I’m not staying in nice places this is so nice oh I think you’re gonna freshen up now, and then go out, and have some dinner. Because it’s like past seven o’clock, and we haven’t really eaten today we’ve had wine had wine, and two muffins yeah all right, I’m gonna go get freshened up okay sounds good all righty we’re gonna go ahead down to unit out, and OH food, and then I think we want to go, and explore a little bit, and see some of this area hey this place is good rebel stop by the way rebel stock mountain resort yeah Mountain Hotel all right let’s go get it during winter this is a very popular destination for snowy you can see right out of your hotel in the winter a lot of people come to revel stroke which is the town that we’re staying in Revelstoke. Because of the scheme the scheme that they do here the snow is champagne snow which family is very popular. Because when you’re skiing, and snowboarding it like looks really cool, and a lot of movies are posted here, and like a lot of action, and like have you ever seen cold snowing, and like all that stuff flies are probably posted here, and probably posted on in the champagne snow oh dear. So yeah. So if you guys did we tell you guys about our drive.

Because I haven’t really talked about it much. But it was one of the most beautiful drives we’ve done to get yeah like this seven hours which does sound long word really quickly, and just was pointing out at one point in the trip we saw son we saw rain, and we saw snow which was crazy went through all the seasons on the drive this is such a beautiful drive I think we’re gonna have to maybe drive up here ourselves one time. Because it just looks. So nice like that look at that mountain, and then oh we weren’t sure I was too scared to investing like I took a picture. So I can maybe like brighten it up. But far away. But I was like walking I was like is it a bear.

But I think we’re pretty much done today it’s a bit hard. Because we were traveling most of the day I think we might go whenever I travel Illinois times I never travel don’t eat, and then have a big meal all right. So balls stupid stuff editing the blog, I’m gonna get to work, and relax guys I want to make a tea. But all they’ve got is a stove top with this, I’m nervous, I’m guessing you put hot water in this, and then put it on the stove, and it boils, and then how do you know when it’s done doesn’t it oh my god if what we sauce I will pull back I think I worked it out no, I’m scared, I’m gonna burn myself it’s hot it’s nice. But yeah thanks for reading, and sticking with us through the little road trip today you guys tomorrow we promise more action we will be yeah. So we got a bad special part tomorrow, and we’re going night clubbing tomorrow night yes. So thanks much for reading today guys, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow back on the road to them yes you.

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