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Hello hello. And welcome to my green jungle oasis yes ah, this is.

I’m calling it that because. I didn’t plan this, but this my new bedroom, it’s my new bedroom. And, it’s very very green big change my previous bedroom is orange.

And now. I have a great bedroom. And my bedroom set kind of just freakishly matched see if you look behind me, it’s really awkward pls let me let me try skin ok see look, you look behind me everything is like chun-li.

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And brown. And green because. I’m going to my favorite color.

So, it’s my jungle bedroom oasis anyway getting off track already. So first thing. I went doing this post is show, you guys my new apartment.

So, you can learn. And live. And love it because, it’s where.

I’m going to be for the next year. And to just talk to, you guys about 2013 because it is the beginning of 2013 and I feel like, this is the perfect time for like a new everything.

I know, you guys have been missing the vlogs are, you missing the skits. And stuff like that because pretty much the last two years almost three or straight. I’ve been traveling lots.

And lots. And lots of traveling and I’ve absolutely loved it.

I mean my partnership with Contiki left loved loved every second of it, but my still actually. I still have some posts that you’re going to see. I’m gonna be posted the most still be.

So posts after this from my travels. So don’t worry, but those were all filmed earlier. So now 2013.

I’m just looking to kind of stay put a little bit as much as. I love traveling. And going all around the world.

And living different places in the last three years. I haven’t really lived in a place for more than four months of time which is a lot that is a lot if you think about it moving the last three years so. I’ve got a place now.

And they’re gonna be here for this year. So. I’m really looking forward to new content creating new content.

And seeing where 2013 takes us. I won’t hear, you guys input like what would, you like to see more of. I kind of have an idea in my head of like what kind of posts.

I want to do. So we’re gonna go with that for a little bit, but um. I’m just to see what kind of posts, you like to do.

I’m still going to be doing like some other travel stuff as well. So that’ll come in like yeah my previous posts at all be you’ll see you’ll see they’ll be travel esque things involved in all this so I guess.

I should show, you my apartment let’s go in a little tour first of all mind my room. And mine some of the stuff that apartment we literally just moved in yesterday. So everything’s kind of a bit chaotic.

And all over the place. And still get organized but. I wait, but this place is gonna be amazing I’ll show, you get artwork.

I’m severely lacking in artwork okay. So let me give, you a tour of my place, this is my room. I like to call this the Zen zone oh.

I didn’t really know what quit uh what to do because see there’s my bed, it’s kind of on the ground right now because my box brain got super soaking wet when we moved it here. So, it’s on drying on balcony which, you see it see look fuckity boxspring um anyways well good there was quite an issue moving this bed because. I wanted to have a headboard but.

I also really like the idea of my desk right there see, you can see all my lights. And stuff set up but. I wanted the desk there but.

I want the bed there, but then they see there’s this chair here. So that’s when things got really awkward so I had to kind of like move the bed there, this is how its set up okay a lot of thought what it does process.

So please forgive me if, it’s kind of weird anyways um yeah. So that. I had this weird empty space in this corner to put down my my leopard or my.

I guess leopard print carpet. and I’m calling it the Zen zone see.

I have my yoga mat my weights some secret plot my Pilates book secret book some other books that. I read and, you know how to have your cat’s point kill, you such an amazing thing. I love the oatmeal keep gets keep going keep going on this tour cuz this tours gonna take forever if.

I don’t keep going. So, this is all. I like walk-in closet area, it’s not a walk-in, it’s like a walkthrough closet, but all my clothing see look at that look at that.

I am. I don’t actually own any drawers like. I don’t own a dress or anything like that because.

I moved. So often that, it’s just such a pain, but to move. I have all these like collapsible foldable closet organizers.

And um yeah, it’s wonderful. I love it anyways keep moving let’s keep moving. So um there’s my bathroom yes, it’s got a whole bunch make up the stuff on it wonderful.

I know, this is my kitchen kind of in the process of being unpacked still there’s lots. And lots of things left to do um, it’s gonna be a lot better than this. I say that now, but um.

I have faith that this kitchen will be a lot better this, this is my pile of boxes for my stuff. I got put that away still um, this is the living room which. I don’t this place is such a mess.

I don’t know why. I give, you these tours is such a mess right now but. I leave a lot of lot of couches because my roommate um he has this big sectional couch and I was like oh we have two couches he’s like yeah this green couch. I thought, it’s just a tiny green couch no no, it’s a giant sectional. So that’s what that is oh really orange right now huh interesting.

And that’s my futon is left my futon that. I had before. So we had no coffee table.

And we also don’t have any um dining room table. So, you really don’t have any place to like Sydney food, but we have a lot of couch space then we have the second bathroom. And my roommates room who, you will meet hopefully soonish like.

I tell, you you’ll meet him don’t worry balcony with some plans. I can’t with plants my house carrot plants. I’m really excited about that.

I feel like. I need to like leave up live up to his green thumb that the previous house owner pad yeah okay let’s put, you down. I am so so tired my body is. So sore from moving. and I’m pretty sure. I pulled a muscle like right there. I don’t know what muscle that is, it’s like, it’s not my back, it’s not my arm, but, it’s like under my arms like what my ribcage is there’s really really hurts from lifting all the stuff yeah oh.

I forgot to tell, you guys the best part about this whole move shipping dignity why don’t. I call that that’s an awful name donors we’re not a feed that’s the best part well this entire thing is that because. I have moved and I have a consistent place that. I’ve been able well. We’ll be at instead of charlo around travel around two possible to have a consistent scheduled upload posts.

I’m going to be uploading post every Tuesday, it’s gonna be the most amazing thing ever every Tuesday that’s right um why to say, you ask well. I will tell, you when I was in software brazil every Tuesday they have a gigantic block party basically they treat it as a way to break up the week.

So think about like this mondays Oh everybody hates Mondays mainly because they go back to work back to the grind same old same old, you know, it’s start of the work week then tuesday in the morning of tuesday all, you can think about is, it’s a cheese day. And we’re gonna have a cheesy a party that’s right. And then, you go out, you party on that she’s in it.

And then wednesday, but well Wednesday’s pretty bad because you’re uh gotta be hungover and, you just kind of like oh. I hate the world, but then, it’s Thursday, it’s thirsty and, you like oh my gosh only 20 days. And then this weekend.

And, it’s Friday you’re like, it’s the weekend and, you know what. I like that it is. So much that.

I am taking it for myself. And every tuesday night we are gonna have a block party right here in my bedroom. And you’re invited gonna be awesome.

I don’t know what time, but tuesday nights tuesday nights will have a block party and, but in between there also be doing other posts to let me they’ll be other posts as well then aren’t just on tuesdays. So that’s all this oh. I have said today and I will see, you next Tuesday next week bye you. ?

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