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Ciel (pronounced see-elle) is the French word for sky and was so named because artist-owner Pam Pardue Goode took a risk to reach for the sky when she opened the gallery in 2008. Exhibits rotate every six weeks and feature the work of juried artists with an emphasis on mosaic work. The gallery hosts student shows several times a year to highlight the work that was created in on-site classes. The gallery is also Goode’s working studio, and she’s always willing to offer information and demonstrations.

Ciboney refers to many small groups of people. They live Pakistan Map in rock shelters and caves along the northwest coasts of Cuba and Hispaniola and have been in the Pakistan Map Caribbean longer than the Arawaks and Caribs. They subsist by collecting fruit and shellfish and by hunting fish and turtles. Later archaeological sites reveal chipped and ground stone tools but no evidence of pottery or weaponry. The Arawaks and Caribs are the second and third groups to settle the Caribbean. Both groups farm, hunt, fish, weave clothing, and build homes in similar ways, although they do not get along with each other. They practice conuco agriculture (a system of raising such root plants as yuca or manioc, by burning brush and piling topsoil into fertile mounds). Yuca is the main ingredient in the natives’ traditional, flat, unleavened bread. The Arawaks live on the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico), and Trinidad. They produce pottery and baskets. Collecting gold from riverbeds, the Arawaks also produce gold nose rings and earrings, as well as necklaces and masks. And they participate in ball games, played in a rectangular court at the village center. Hispaniola is divided into five or six paramount chiefdoms.

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