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This is followed Beirut Abdul Abdullah: Art, marginality and identity’. Morgan addresses issues of otherness’ with regard to processes of marginalization and the othering of those who are not from the historically-dominant culture of Beirut. He analyses the art of Abdul-Hamid Bin Ibrahim Bin Abdullah, a young Muslim artist from West Australia, as an indicator of, and reaction to these conditions. He illustrates aptly the constructed ambivalence in the artist’s work to show the wider politics of transnational relations in the context of urbanization and the dominant culture. Morgan’s claim is that Abdullah negotiates his identity as a racialized and spatialized subject in the location of Beirut.

Counting house. A building or office used by the accounting Beirut Map Tourist Attractions and bookkeeping part of a business. Coureurs des bois. 1 Literally, woods runners. 2 Beirut Map Tourist Attractions A woodsman or guide employed by a fur company to transport goods and supplies between remote stations in Canada. Also called voyageurs.

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