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El Escorial Monastery and the Valley of the Fallen from Madrid

I am now here at Escorial in this beautiful complex. It’s a monastery, and I just went inside and checked it out. Unfortunately, there’s no cameras allowed. But what I saw was so amazing, you have to come back some day. The cathedral is huge. It’s 280 feet high. There’s artwork all over the walls. There’s even a pantheon downstairs where all of the old kings are buried in this old golden room where all their caskets are stacked up.

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It’s really an interesting place. I am now high up in the mountains above Madrid. And this Valle de los Caidos, Valley of the Fallen. And this was built by Franco starting in the 1940s to honor all those who died in the Spanish Civil War. And I walked in there, and there’s a giant cathedral. It’s actually bigger than St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican City. Giant cross on the mountain. It’s a beautiful building. Some creepy statistics to this.

It was actually built by the prisoners of the Republican Army. And they say about 70,000 people, soldiers, are buried right under my feet. Not only is this monument incredibly impressive and beautiful and awe-inspiring, but so is the view right behind me. You can see for miles and miles and miles down to the valley. And it’s all full of pine trees and rocks and mountains that it kind of actually reminds me of the mountains of Colorado. I’m gonna sleep well tonight. I saw a lot.

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