How to Travel in Paris

Hello I just got into Paris into the Airbnb that, I’m staying at there’s a friend here to greet me Hey from Paris excited to be here see what happens today even though what I still miss Morocco. So I loved it there so much. But yeah I just never walk around an expert you, I’m not walking by the river in the most beautiful area of Paris just walking along just now I saw my first really sight of the Eiffel Tower it’s really unexpected. Because I didn’t know it was so close I thought I was pretty far away from it I just walked around a corner, and I saw it, and actually kind of I know I actually got a little bit definitely you know if those traveling that you just really appreciate just keep exploring this area is absolutely gorgeous enjoying Paris so much you know you you read about these cities, and here are these names those places, and being a history lover I you know snow a lot about the history of the city, and now, I’m actually here, and it’s just it’s just wonderful it’s such a good time walking around everything is so beautiful. So lovely think now, I’m gonna try, and find a coffee, and some breakfast people lock they write their names on these locks, and then they lock them onto the bridge, and think that it’s a sign of eternal love. But actually people flip them off every once in a while. Because they’re damaging the architecture keep lending. So many more beautiful places. But I found this is something out of a movie or something me walking along the famous pyramid it’s really beautiful, and it’s so empty here right now I guess. Because it’s a offseason.

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But there’s not really anyone here. So peaceful yeah kind of different than how I expected. Because I thought it would be really crowded. So that was really amazing walking through there I think I got there just as everyone else came. Because now it’s looking more crowded this area that now there’s so many gorgeous areas of Paris I just found this place I don’t know I didn’t mean to come here. So beautiful our onions making me. So happy it’s just.

So beautiful love Paris really love it here I have now come to what library, I’m very much by accident libraries were like a museum I think that this is what the windows of my house are gonna look like one day it’s a place that I just found, and I just kind of came inside, and as gorgeous I didn’t know it was here seems to happen a lot places everywhere you.

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