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This doubling of the image of the body is a form of repetition that involves repetition and difference: the representation of bodies is repeated; however, they occupy different positions in the frame. Abdul-Rahman is older and his body is bigger, stronger and protective of his younger sibling. His tattoo reads jihad al-nafs or the struggle against oneself. According to Aly (2007), Jihad is derived from the Arabic juhd, meaning effort’ the exerting of effort to achieve a goal, thus not associated with violence or terrorism (2007: 150), and the tool of jihad is the Qur’an (2007: 151). The other form of jihad is jihad al-nafs, the jihad against the defects of one’s own soul (2007: 152), and this is considered the greater jihad’ (2007: 153). Thus, while the conceptual breadth of jihad is accepted by theologians, the word’s primary meaning was reserved for armed struggle’ (2007: 155), but rooted in notions of justice’ (2007: 162). This is significant for all those who want to understand the meaning of Jihad.

Thus Them and Us does not represent some cheerful assimilatory image of a reconciled Muslim Australian identity since the presence of Abdul-Rahman in the background with the tattoo of jihad al-nafs is a swift rejoinder to such an easily-claimed resolution. Yet another layer of ambiguity is the reflective nature of a framed photograph that acts as a mask or a distancing layer that demands the viewer to look and think again. If Them and Us is concerned with expressing the voice of a marginalized artist, it is a vision literally and metaphorically from the dark end of a partitioned city. Its multiple layers of ambivalence contest a celebration of Australian multiculturalism as it speaks to a complex hybrid identity and a sense of belonging to Australia that requires much juhd.

The anxiety of our minds drove sleep from our eyelids; Burma Map Tourist Attractions and it was with a dreadful hope and painful impatience that we waited for the morning to determine Burma Map Tourist Attractions our fate. The morning at length arrived, and our masters came early and let us out of the house, and gave the young man and boy to the French, who immediately took them away. Their fate I never learned, as I have not seen nor heard of them since. I was now left alone in the fort, deprived of my former companions, and of every thing that was near or dear to me but life. But it was not long before I was in some measure relieved by the appearance of two pleasant looking squaws, of the Seneca tribe, who came and examined me attentively for a short time, and then went out. After a few minutes’ absence, they returned in company with my former masters, who gave me to the squaws to dispose of as they pleased.

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