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Edmund Carpenter

Reindeer don’t obey voice commands, even after years of training. You have to hold a stick over their heads to direct them up to the right to make them turn left, and vice versa.

Opposite: Nicolai was the head of the Even clan that took me in. He was riy Dersu Uzala.” Later, he got sick, and, not >vanting to become a burden to his clan, he took his own life in 1995. The clan is now led by his brother Vassili.

The an tic hare, a very common animal in the Verkhoianski Mountains.
Returning up Market Street (Malleson Street in the stories), Burma Map a house about halfway up on the left was the location of Benson’s character Dr Dobbie Burma Map . Returning to the Martello Bookshop, you will be well supplied with copies, or information on where to find copies, of works by most, if not all, of the authors referred to in this walk, and if you want to extend the literary theme to your well-earned refreshment, there’s always Fletcher’s House up by the church. If you have any more time to spare in Rye, you may feel inspired to use this lovely town as a basis for penning the opening words of your own immortal poetry and prose. Failing that, there’s always Woolworths …

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