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Italian Winter SHENANIGANS

Good morning Bergamo, Italy. We are now in Italy and after a very lovely sleep, a late sleep in, we are going to go explore this amazing Italian city. Wow, what a difference from Slovenia. I cannot wait to show you what we got up to today. This is a soy latte macchiato. Then I put in the expresso into the cup of soya milk Oh, I should have made a design. Failed at the latte I’m sure its going to be delicious. We are about to take the Funiculars, which are trolley carts that are going to take us to the upper part of Bergamo, where we will hopefully get an awesome view of the entire city. Well we made it to the top of the funicular fan nic what did you say?

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Faniculastic! We are currently throwing snow down to the bushes Thinks to do in Italy You are matching that bike very well Kristin We are here to see, kind of like the main square area and then where the churches are. Now we are just trying to chase the light so we can get a really cool group photo of the sunset over the city Here we are trying to get the last couple of views in before we head out to Turin Alright, so we are saying goodbye to our amazing villa here in Turin, Italy and we are going to go explore the town. Lets go see what Turin has to offer. Yes, it is finally exploring Turin, Italy time. And the fist stop is The Basilica of Superga It is literally a few minutes from where we staying and its wow, wow, wow, what a great first stop in Turin And then of course, there is, the view. Do you see how close it is to the Alps? Those are the Italian Alps, and they look so beautiful. Italy, you are so beautiful. That was my attempt at the Italian accent. Also, I just learn this right now, but Turin is the English way of saying Torino.

Because Torino is the Italian So you might have heard of Torino, maybe not Turin or Turin, not Torino. All I know its the same place Currently exploring the streets of Turin, just taking in a bit of Italian buildings before the sun sets. How you guys feeling about Turin so far? It’s really cool. I love this pedestrian only walkway. It’s night time which means we are heading to dinner I think we are doing traditional Italian pizza Had, a whole lot of pasta on this trip, but not any pizza yet. Oh, my goodness, we are going to Urbani and it looks like a little magical place with fairies. Wow I’m excited. This is so cute. I told you, it just continues. Oh my goodness, this is like a mixture of Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. Wow. This is the fireplace I want in my life. All this. This is artichoke pasta, gluten free. Looks like a fairy forest Veggie soup and I’ve been enjoying this Italian pizza. Our first Italian Pizza in Italy. And its delicious. It is everything I’ve dreamt, everything I remember it to be Look at this. He’s got seafood. Don’t do that. Have you never had seafood pasta before? Not when its alive It is not alive. Rip off the back. Oh it looks like shrimp now. It is. That’s what it is. You just never see the head, because the remove it. You guys are awesome.

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