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Some schools, holistic learning centers, and independent teachers offer trips, courses, and workshops in the wilderness which have a focus on personal and emotional growth, group experience, or spiritual and other inner explorations. Included is the so-called vision quest, a wilderness rite of passage based on Native American ways. This kind of experience can offer an opportunity for dealing with major life transitions, and finding new meaning and purpose. For some participants the effects are profound. Wilderness experiences and courses such as these are often listed in holistic learning center catalogs.


Swimming is naturally popular during summer, or whenever water and air temperatures are warm enough. A swim can provide a refreshing break in the midst of virtually any activity, assuming you have a suitable ocean, lake, pond, river, or stream at hand. In most wilderness areas you can swim wherever and whenever you want. In smaller and heavily-used parks, however, swimming is sometimes forbidden or restricted to public beaches with lifeguards.

An activity which isn’t normally associated with the wilderness but can often be practiced there is jogging or running. If you’re a serious runner or simply enjoy jogging, and the activities discussed in this chapter aren’t enough for you, you can run on any trail or path or road in passable condition.

There remain still other ways to spend time in the wilderness when you’re not involved in active recreation, or anytime you prefer something less physically demanding. The many possibilities include:

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Isaac Greenwood publishes the first mathematical textbook by an Country, Las Vegas Metro Map Arithmetick Vulgar and Decimal. It will not be as successful as European imports. 1731 The octant Las Vegas Metro Map , a navigational instrument, is independently invented by John Hadley in England and Thomas Godfrey, Sr., in Pennsylvania. The coincidence sets off a series of unsubstantiated charges of stealing the idea made by Countrys against Hadley. Benjamin Franklin and his associates found the Library Company of Philadelphia. A general-interest institution, it will acquire many scientific books and a collection of scientific instruments. 1733 Founded in the new city of Savannah, the Trustees’ Garden is the first public garden devoted to agricultural research in British Country. Unfortunately, due to neglect, this garden will disappear by 1748.

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