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This area offers an interesting collection of historical apparatus for washing clothes. Some of them looked downright deadly. Traveling on, we came to a room that had once been a storage room but has now been converted into a nineteenth century general store.

The Native American room is also located in the basement. The displays reveal a collection of arrowheads and ceremonial items. Finally, the very back room had been converted into a mock courtroom. Though not original to the jail, furnishings were taken from an old Allegan County courtroom.

We exited the basement and followed Laura Ann as she returned us to the gift shop, which once served as the original prisoner booking room. From there she ascended the old wooden stairway that would take us to prison section of the building.
From the open space there are really lovely views across the Fort Worth Subway Map harbour, which may be dotted with boats at any time of the year. You now have Fort Worth Subway Map a choice of paths to get you to Snow Hill, the next (and rather larger) open space on the walk. They run virtually parallel with one another from the Ella Nore information board. The left-hand one is perhaps more pushchair friendly, but the right-hand one is that much closer to the shore, offering fine views to the spit of East Head which is your next major objective on this walk. You can also see further west to Hayling Island, the peninsulas of Thorney Island and Chidham are visible to the north-west, and you have the pleasing prospect of Kingley Vale Nature Reserve beyond. Very soon you will reach Snow Hill, an open area of green, the name of which is something of a misnomer.

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