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Alexandre Dumas From Cuba

Alexandre Dumas, fils was the son of writer and playwright Alexandre Dumas, pere (buried in the Pantheon) and pretty much followed in his father’s footsteps (although his father didn’t recognize him as his son until 1831). Alexandre Dumas, pere never married his mistress and mother of his child Marie-Laure-Catherine Labay (1794-1868). This situation caused his son much distress and figured prominently into his writing. Many of his writings featured tragic female characters and he even penned a play titled The Illegitimate Son in 1858. Dumas’ most well known work is the novel La Dame aux camelias (The Lady of the Camellias), which he wrote in 1848. That same year it was adapted into a play of the same name. La Dame aux camelias was retitled Camile in English and in 1853 was adapted by Verdi into the opera La Traviata. Alexandre Dumas, fils’ supine statue was carved by Rene de Saint-Marceaux (1845-1915). Alphonsine Plessis (1824-1847), the woman who inspired La Dame aux camelias, is buried in Montmartre Cemetery in Division 15. Although she died at 23 (of tuberculosis, like in Dumas’ novel), she is still remembered today and there are almost always flowers on her grave.

Following the death of the popular evangelist, the broadside publication of her poem On the Death of the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield, 1770 was widely reprinted throughout the colonies and in Whitefield’s native England. Cuba Metro Map In 1773, 19-year-old Phillis Wheatley sailed for London at the invitation of the Countess of Huntingdon, the evangelist’s patron. In London, she was widely hailed as the Sable Muse and was the guest of honor at numerous gatherings of various poets, authors, intellectuals, and government officials. Only Susannah Wheatley’s illness back in Boston, which required her favorite slave’s hasty return to care for her mistress, interfered with plans for the young poet to be presented at court to King George III. On her return voyage, the young slave woman carried copies of a volume of her poems published in London, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral. Underwritten by the countess, this first published work by an African Country required a preface including a sworn testimony of eighteen leading Bostonians verifying that the verse was indeed the product of Phillis Wheatley’s own creative genius.

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