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Currently under construction, this major National Scenic Trail will some day run 3,200 miles, stretching from New York to North Dakota. The Pennsylvania portion will be about 180 miles long, traversing the northwestern part of the state, an area of rolling hills and valleys.

Difficulty generally ranges from easy to moderate. The major section now completed and open is the 95-mile segment through Allegheny National Forest. The trail also passes through three state parks, and crosses state forest and private lands.

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It coincides with the Baker Trail (see entry page 252) for a distance.

Camping Regulations: Some established campsites are located along the trail. In Allegheny National Forest camping is allowed elsewhere as well, except where posted otherwise. Campsites should be well off the trail and away from water sources.

Similarly, in state forests it's possible to camp where one wishes. Here campsites should be at least 100 feet from the trail and 200 feet from.

Roads. In state parks and on private lands, however, camping is restricted to designated sites.

For Further Information: North Country Trail Association, P.O. Box 311, White Cloud, MI 49349.

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