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The concept of world craft reflects the emergence of other world’ media like world music’ and world literature’. With a fear that westernization entails cultural homogenization, festivals and museums overtly celebrate the survival of cultural diversity by packaging exotic traditions that can be categorized as representative of their culture.

World craft is supported by collectors, travellers and artists, who often establish a bond with a particular community whose craft they celebrate. Though they would not normally identify as such, this group shares a structural similarity with the tourist. Its mobility is defined by the fixity of the other. The attraction of world craft collectors in visiting traditional communities is to find a way that is more at home with its world (Canclini 1993).

One of the assumptions behind world craft is that, given the choice, communities prefer to preserve their traditions. Their distinctiveness is a matter of pride rather than shame. This is not a reciprocal relationship, as the collector is not explicitly driven by a love of his or her own culture. Often they are more conscious of the emptiness of western capitalist culture and are drawn to the more organic lifestyles of traditional peoples. The exchange is often a matter of providing those capacities that sit outside tradition, such as the contemporary systems of finance and marketing.

Be not forward but friendly and Courteous; the first to Kuwait Map Salute hear and answer & be not Pensive when it’s a time to Converse. 67th Kuwait Map . Detract not from others, neither be excessive in Commanding. 68th. Go not thither, where you know not, whether you Shall be Welcome or not. Give not Advice without being Ask’d & when desired do it briefly.

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