City Farm US Map & Phone & Address

City Farm US Map & Phone & Address

721 American Legion Hwy Roslindale; (617) 469-2992

What name could be more appropriate for this urban haven? All you need for creating your own farm, or just a nice window box, is here. By working cash-and-carry, City Farm saves lots of money over most other gardening centers. Better yet they offer quantity discounts when you buy six or more of any plant CF also has cut flowers at wholesale prices, including a boxed dozen long-stem roses for $15 and that includes the wrapping and baby’s breath. Another good deal is on foliage plants for the house. During the summer months, when City Farm can stock large quantities and keep them outside, these decorative large-pot plants are reduced from $35 to just $19.98. And a very helpful feature on all house plants is the color-coding tags, to tell you which plants want lots of light and which ones want to be in the shade. City Farm is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays til 5.

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