Laem Tong Beach Phi Phi

Laem Tong Beach is a delightful place in northern Phi Phi for a relaxing quiet holiday. The only access to the main part of Phi Phi is by boat, this means you have almost total seclusion, refreshingly absent are the sounds of jet skis and speedboats. Quite the opposite of Tonsai Village, here you’ll hardly leave your hotel.

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Continuing, there is Farm Road bascule bridge, with huge high pylons crossing the view, for they span the River Clyde. From the large 1934 Erskine swing bridge, a road leads down to where the ferry operated across the Clyde before the bridge opened (1865-1971). In the 19th century a ferryboat could carry up to 40 head of cattle and was pulled across on a chain. Now, as one guide puts it, the bridge is ‘elegant in the distant landscape but awesomely monstrous above the village’. Ironically, this last section (almost as level as the Union Destination) was soon made unnecessary by the Clyde being regularly dredged to allow seagoing ships up into the city. Had practical dredging come earlier, the Forth & Clyde travel destination might have had locks through the city below Port Dundas to reach the Clyde. Down that ferry road is the entrance to The Saltings, a nature reserve, where there is a description board and car park, the site dominated by the great bridge. One can exit from the reserve back to the towpath 200 yards west of the swing bridge. From the swing bridge, about the same distance along the main road is the village cluster of shops, post office, coffee bar and the Glen Lusset Restaurant. The restored Lock 37 lies just west of the swing bridge and almost under the Erskine Bridge.

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