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0.0 The hike begins on the boat access path to the lake and turns right just before descending the wooden steps. Soon the trail crosses two plank bridges and ascends a ridge along the west side of the lake.

0.2 A bench with a view of the lake.

0.5 Cross a small bridge over a stream flowing out of the lake.

0.6 A rock gibbon constructed to keep fish from migrating out of the lake. The gibbon also serves as a bridge across the shallow stream.

0.7 Another bench with a view of Crosscut Lake to the south. Beyond this point the trail passes along a narrow ridge separating Divide and Crosscut lakes.

0.8 Trail intersection; the spur trail on the left leads to Blueberry

Point in about 400 feet. The circuit trail bears right and away from the lake at this point.

0.9 The trail crosses an old beaver dam and returns to the lake shore briefly before turning away from the lake once again.

1.5 Pass a swinging bench with a view of Divide Lake.

1.6 The trail reaches the eastern most end of the lake before turning away from the lake and ascending to Forest Service Road 172.

1.7 Reach Forest Road 172; turn left and walk along the road to return to the campground and the trailhead.

2.0 At the crest of the hill on your way back to the campground you cross the Laurentian Divide. Tanner Lake is on the right side of the road.

2.1 The trailhead.

You get to the end of the promenade at a car Best family vacations USA park, which is at the foot of the cliffs, and then embark on quite a tough Best family vacations USA cliff climb that takes you to Seaford Head and its nature reserve. You can choose between paths that keep a clear course between the cliff edge on the right and the golf course on the left. Already you can see the continuing influence of nature on these cliffs; they have been subjected to erosion in the recent past, and it is important that you stay well back from the edge. The reward for your efforts is your arrival at Seaford Head, the site of an Iron Age hillfort, from which there are fantastic views of Brighton to the west and the enchanting prospect of the Seven Sisters and the Cuckmere Valley ahead of you. A good track on springy turf now provides a clear walk across the cliffs. You are now walking across part of Seaford Head Nature Reserve, the 308 acres of which comprise not only downland but also mudflats and meadowland; it is home to over 250 species of plants and a large amount of wildfowl.

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