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He just had the crazy state ever. But I need to go to bed.

So, I’m going to explain it to you guys in the morning. But we literally had the craziest kind of scariest day ever. But Hey guys we’re currently packing, and charging. Because today we are off on a big long drive to Victoria Falls where are we now stay what’s a city called yeah we’re we’re we’re, and then we’re going to Victoria Falls actually I haven’t even altered a map. So I don’t even know where we’re going or where we are at the moment. But it’s like one eight hour drive or something today gonna be a long bus ride hour which is it’s currently 30, and we will get in there hey buddy ah. So it’s a long day, and pretty sure they stopped overs, and stuff like that.

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But it’s a public bus that takes us over there. But, I’m so excited Victoria Falls is on the top of my lifts I really hope we have a chance to go to Devil’s pool it depends on what like the itinerary is. Because we only have three days there it’s going to be very very quick. But hopefully we can go, and check that out insert photo. So people can know what Devil’s pool is yeah I really really want to go do that in a quickly pack, and then jump on this bus and, I’m really really hoping that this air con Bob’s, I’m kind of bit upset we never explored what was beyond yes that ways the unknown the little bridge it’s like a lost. So many mysteries unsolved we’ll never know what’s beyond that bridge I know our breakfast probably looks super boring with like a full hot buffet over there these guys make oats like your grandparents would make oats they’re just. So good alrighty guys our first lift is here this is the the only vehicle they had.

So it’s gonna have to do it’s fine not like, I’m written in the back of the truck before he’s got to make sure these bad boys don’t go anywhere. So we just come to the side of the road, and we’re just waiting for the public bus to come past it is coming from Ferrari which is about four hours. But if you just see just here I really like this posting them there’s a police stop, and there’s a lot of police stops along the way, and they like to target buses, and trucks which means leaving four hours ago from Harare doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to get here files later. So we arrived here about 35 minutes ago, and the buses drew 20 minutes ago. So we’ll see how long it takes for our bus to come six minutes since we last checked by buses finally come we’ve literally just stopped in Bulawayo about two hours back out. Because well why is such a main city that this only. So many roads we have to go back into bulla wide then go into the core, and there’s literally.

Because this as a truck stop for some fooling up some bread, and a banana six hours, and we’re still not there sure to – turns off – yeah – stop you the night well that was an experience in a half it is now eight oh my oh gosh we have got beds we just had the crazy state ever. But I need to go to bed. So, I’m going to explain that you guys in the morning. But we literally had the craziest kind of scariest day ever. But be ready okay bed that’s got a bit we’ll talk to you guys in the morning thank you thank you yes coffee very much needed just yesterday what happened yesterday. So we weren’t where we wanted to get two big falls, and you can catch a plane that’s like $200. So really expensive.

So we decided to jump on a bus which was only 18 dollars. But we didn’t realize that there are some good buses, and some not-so-good buses, and we ended up getting onto the not-so-good bus. So we were on a very local bus like sardines. So there’s two seats. But three people would be on each seat the whole bus was full we would like get two bus stops, and people are like fighting outside literally guys literally, I’m sorry we didn’t post it. But there were times when we just don’t take the cameras out it was such a scary ride. So imagine being on that bus for nine hours being too scared to go outside to go to the toilet.

So I didn’t know the toilet we didn’t eat really anything, and I can’t believe we’ve been made it in time when we got here – Vic Falls it was like dark we got to the bus stop it was so crazy busy I was like is the person that was meant to be picking us up even know we’re here cuz we were like two hours late, and we had literally a local bus stop with like eight buses, and like you know a hundred people just walking around I know. But luckily the guy saw us, and Peter stopped with us all fine we kind of stood out we were lit up. But it was really really scary. But anyway we’re safe sound we’ve just come into big falls you’d be interested it’s 30 US dollars each to get in cuz it’s a national park. So – a park which I didn’t expect to pay to get in. So that’s a little mo.

Because we’re comparing it to the Niagara Falls we can just walk around yeah I think you can yes no no yeah it was $30 to get in if you’re interested we’re not having a coffee, and we’re going to go, and check out the Falls cause like you can’t get a bit forced without seeing Victoria balls okay guys it’s like two roots you can do like a short one to the left, and along went to the right. But we wanted to quickly come to the short one. So we can get a quick view of the fall first time seeing it I think it’s so big that there’s like. So many different viewpoints now if you’re at all like a little little teaser devils cataract oh there’s one of the viewpoints guys so much force coming down Wow I think we found a better view that’s so beautiful guys see here there’s like a Falls coming here, and the mist is like being shot up which is so interesting, and then it comes in like rains on us by the ways. Because it’s like is so interesting it’s a bit of a snake would you call it just, I’m pretty sure goes really far down that’s what we’re going to now walk around, and go right down here to have a look little slime guys it is like.

So humid yeah I think. Because we’re so close to the water this is like the hottest day I think of this entire Africa trip I apologize for this big sweaty mess literally in like half an hour I better, I’m going to be ordered today are you good how are you yeah welcome to Zimbabwe thank you enjoy your day are the main section of the bowl ah. So beautiful love there’s a rainbow it’s so nice are we, and just like a rainforest at the moment probably the gardener has to do zero work. Because there’s so much water coming I haven’t seen something. So naturally beautiful before if you guys have been to Victoria fall tell us below you need to come guys, and me one thing I wish we could have done. But we just didn’t have time to cook one is to go to Devil’s pool which i think is right here we were. So close.

But it’s literally another country that’s Sambia Winton Bob way it’s like a hundred us. But expensive I still would have done it. But it was sold out like weeks ago well the other reason to return here. So close but. So another country that’s definitely Devils ball look how close to the edge they are you guys I hope you enjoyed that visit to big falls I highly suggest you guys come here. So I have one of the seven natural wonders of the world. But if you enjoyed that post please give us a thumbs up, and if you are new around here please have comment we try to do a lot of fun stuff, and we will see you guys tomorrow night-night bye.

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