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Destructive Floods

Between March and August, there are heavy monsoon rains in the Yangtze River’s lower and middle courses.

Heavy rains fall in the upper course from May to September. In the past, floods were common throughout the Yangtze basin. Floods washed away homes, farms, and businesses. In 1931,

Yangtze River floods killed 145,000 people. In 1935, more than 142,000 people died. A recent major flood, in 1998, killed more than 3,000 people and left millions homeless.

Merchants who imported slaves sought to obtain those individuals who would be most marketable. Tianjin Subway Map In South Carolina, for instance, merchants preferred slaves from Gambia and the Gold Coast, as they were most in demand in the colony. Traders also preferred cargoes largely consisting of young men, generally not over the age of 25, and young women under the age of 20. Young male slaves brought the highest profit margin. The prices of slaves who arrived as part of the triangular trade varied from colony to colony and also depended on broader economic issues. In South Carolina, as in the other Southern colonies, which were the largest consumers of slave labor, prices were determined by such variables as taxes imposed on importation by the colonial government, the success or failure of crops, the availability of new land, the demand for slaves in other colonies, and wars occurring locally or in Europe. From 1651 to 1675, slaves sold for an average of 5.26 pounds. In the last quarter of the seventeenth century, the average price dropped to 3.67 pounds as a result of increased availability of slaves in the colonies. Fifty years later, in 1751, the price for male slaves in South Carolina was around 250 pounds; female slaves were valued at around 200 pounds. In the next few years, the demand for slaves led to a jump in prices, and, in 1755, young men were selling for as much as 330 pounds. The demand drew slave traders to the colony and again resulted in a flooded market, bringing the price back down to 260 pounds for a male slave.

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