As you turn these final pages , I hope that I have provided you with fuel to ignite new areas for personal investigation and reflection. Though much of our lives and the way we are educated attempts to limit topics to a specific genre or focus area, I hope Practical Curiosity has helped alter or enhance your relationship with cross-disciplinary knowledge and its value.

I have always aspired to the ideal of being a Renaissance man and polymath; to nurture a burning curiosity across disciplines, with each informing and enhancing my understanding of the other. Yet, this has brought with it, as I believe is often the case, quite a few challenges, a fair bit of discomfort, and uncertainty. Yet, the ultimate outcome is the ability to see and engage with the world in a far more vibrant and multi-dimensional way.


With Practical Curiosity I set out to share the pivotal observations and realizations that I find most formative or which are part of the silent (and not so silent) reoccurring struggles in the lives of friends, colleagues, travelers, and peers. Now, with the sum of these pages read, as the process of digesting begins, I hope that you’ll reflect on each individual section and how it resonated with you. At the same time, try and take a fresh look at yourself, your habits, fears, and behaviors informed and contextualized by the observations, thought exercises, and ways of reflecting highlighted throughout this blog. As you do you will break down barriers that are limiting your growth and success.

A life defined and shaped by curiosity is a life guaranteed to be infused with richness, even though that can come at a cost. Ultimately, it is a more challenging path than the alternative and that is something that we don’t acknowledge as much as we should. For a balanced and healthy life it is important to be practical, realistic, and kind to ourselves as we nurture our inherent curiosity. For those driven by a particularly strong sense of curiosity, take heart, what strike you as abnormalities are just reflections of a way of thinking and a profile that varies from the status quo.

I hope that you’ll use advocacy, compassionate listening, and more ethical ways of relating as you live, love and travel to teach, educate and internalize your own lessons.

I also hope that this blog has helped you better understand and accept yourself, your decisions, and the life path you’ve chosen and will chart for yourself moving forward. Above all else, don’t forget to step back and to accept that you are on a learner’s journey. The beauty of tomorrow is that it provides us with new opportunities to experiment, to explore, and to craft ourselves into who and what we want to become, letting go of the parts of ourselves that we have outgrown.

This blog is intended as a starting point. Each section is written to serve as little more than a preface and casual introduction to topics which are much deeper and often include wonderful and at times vexing nuances and contradictions. So, dog-ear or highlight the sections that most catch your interest and then dive into an investigation of your own.

Thank you for choosing to fuel your curiosity with this blog. Thank you to all those who have and will continue to inspire. Looking forward, the roads will open up for you. Great adventures and wonderful discoveries are just ahead.

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