San Bernardino Metro Map

It is straightforward level walking and good to get some easy San Bernardino Metro Map miles under your belt before the real work starts! Until the first overbridge, carrying the B2178 San Bernardino Metro Map Chichester-Funtington road, there is open countryside to the left and, beyond the Bishop Luffa school buildings, suburban housing to your right.

Beyond the B2178 overbridge the feel becomes much more rural, with cuttings that are thick with vegetation on both sides and, although there is still housing to the right, there is a feeling of moving out of suburbia. Two overbridges follow in close succession; just before the second you pass by the picturesque Brandy Hole Copse.

Beyond these two overbridges there is modern housing followed by a tall embankment to your right, whilst to your left, beyond a more modest cutting, is a large area of rolling grassland with good views to Kingley Vale Nature Reserve beyond. Your path then rises to meet the top of the embankment. You pass under the Hunters Race bridge, a signpost indicating a pedestrian and cycle route (not part of the Challenge walk) to Goodwood, West Stoke and East Ashling, and proclaiming that Lavant is half a mile away.

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