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SURROUNDINGS. 2 km (Hmiles) N of the town, in the Trondheimfjord, is the fortified island of Munkholmen (motorboats from Ravnkloa, at the N end of Munkegata; hourly service, 10-minute trip), with a circular tower belonging to the former Benedictine abbey of Nidarholm, the original site of which is now occupied by the fortifications erected in 1658. From the near end of Bynesvei (views), to the N W of the town, a footpath on the left ascends steeply to the Elsterpark, on the slopes of Gjeitfjell (399 m 1310 ft). 3-5 km (2 miles) NE of the middle of the town in the district of LADE, is Ringve Gird, childhood home of the naval hero, Tordenskjold (museum; collection of musical instruments). 8 km (5 miles) W of the town, on the Fjellsetervei, running partly through forest, is Fjellseter (367 m (1204 ft); good skiing, ski-jump). From here, a footpath leads up in 15 minutes to the summit of Gr&kallen (556 m 1824 ft; fineviews of much of the fjord; to the E the mountains along the Swedish frontier; to the S, Sntfhetta and the Trollheim mountains; 261). An alternative route is by the GrSkallen electric railway from St Olavsgata, or by bus from Dronningensgata ( hour),toZ.a7 (272 m (892 ft); restaurant), continuing

Prehistoric stone carvings, Bardal from there on foot via Fjellseter and Skistua to GrSkallen, a pleasant 2-2 hours’ round trip.

E6, the Narvik road, runs E alongside the fjord. Travel Scandinavia EU At Vaernes (35 km 22 miles), shortly before the tunnel under the airfield, is a 13th c. church.

125 km (78 miles) from Trondheim is Steinkjer, on the Steinkjerfjord (pop. 10,000; Grand Hotell, 180 camp site), an agricultural market town in the county of Nord-Trondelag. On the N bank of the Steinkjerelv there is an interesting open-air museum (old peasant houses). At Bardal, 10 km (6 miles) W, are rock carvings of the Stone and Bronze Ages. The road to Namsos, No. 17, branches off at Asphaugen.

205 km (128 miles) from Trondheim lies Namsos (pop. 8000; Grand Hotell Bondeheimen, 75 b.: Namsen-Motell, 60 camp site), on the Namsen-fjord, at the mouth of the Namsenelv (good fishing). The timber trade provides the town’s main source of income. To the E of the town is the Namsdal Museum (old boats, tools and everyday objects). From the 115 m (377 ft) high hill of Borumsklompen, there is a fine view of the town. Namsos can also be reached from Trondheim by boat.

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