48 Hours in Vienna Austria

Officially legally a married what do you think ingest do we do it through our honeymoon almost there one I already see a divine next stop Europe Hey from a very jet-lagged Stephen, and Jess yeah first before we tell you where we are I think we need round to a coffee you know it is our honeymoon. So uh technically we should be having something a little bit more fun give me one moment cheers bombs we’ve been off for a couple hours guys yeah a little bit jet-lagged. But do we tell them where we are now I think.

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So let’s do it we are currently in Vienna in Austria, and we are going on a little Europe trip for our honeymoon we’re off this trip fell the day after the wedding. So it’s our second honeymoon cheers to that also last night when we came in we had we had the champagne. But we were like we just crashed went straight to bed. But we also had little macaroons, and brownies, and these little coconut balls I know you’ve tried the coconut ball already it was great champagne breakfast first day of the honeymoon. So before we get dressed I thought I’d show you where we’re staying. So stay at the ring which is a hotel right in the heart of Vienna this is our gigantic lovely bed that was amazing after 24 hours of flying we have a lot of windows. But I think it’s like just a courtyard outside.

So we don’t really get to see the street yet we haven’t seen anything yet we arrived at night you have got like a TV in the middle of the room, and then a couch, and then a desk with some little Valentine’s flowers cute, and then over here we have a coffee station which is always needed, and then down here we’ve got our toilet in here, and then our bathrooms in here in the double vanity a bath which we’re gonna use tonight, and the shower it’s good right mrs. sue well wasn’t expecting there to be this like juicy stuff in all its like a lint ball all right before we go out we got package when if we ever got mail at a hotel before I think I know what it is the main reason we’re here in Europe this is so exciting our very first Europe trip two years ago sorry almost our response yeah we definitely have extra days to use Hermes will use the passes yeah these are so so handy we wanted an easy way to see a lot of countries, and we found out about you rail or for Europeans it’s called inter rail where you just buy a train pass, and then you can hop on, and off trains as you wish throughout a certain period of time. So we’ve come back to Europe, and we want to see a few more countries. So you picked up a pass we can go see a few more spots. So Austria isn’t the only place we’re going to. But, I’m excited to remember it yeah ma’am hi Dean oh wait it says are we going on there Oh sneaky look the hotel has an old-school elevator I love Europe everything’s so old oh that winter chills nice Wow oh yeah.

So once we go, and catch our first train which is in a couple of days time we’ll explain the Eurail pass more to you guys. Because last time we did in Europe you had a lot of questions, and we’ll give you the full breakdown I honestly think it’s like the best way to travel Europe. Because it’s super easy you don’t have to go to the airports every time you just jump on a train, and just go to the next country are we gonna go get some breakfast yes you have it on the map we’re definitely going to have to try some apples drool sometime here in Austria just care across it is new guard sparing out watch what orde reckon there’s an asparagus in there she’s not we’re in Europe where all the pastries, and the chocolates taste better here than anywhere else guys I think we’ve found the cutest cafe cafe Douglas, and it’s pink also someone’s just casually parked their bike here. But it just makes it look. So European nice, and we’ve gone yeah this is what happens when we’re in Europe the tide is gone. So we’ve picked a very key spot got the window just outside there this is a nice start to the morning, I’m kind of jealous of these cultures in Europe where they live off bread like that was a very traditional Austrian breakfast. But I have one piece of bread and, I’m just bloated for the day you guys like a live off it I don’t know we’re just decided to walk around some of the streets to find cute buildings every time we turn around a corner are you finding all these amazing buildings like what is this like we’ve got a list of places to go to.

But this wasn’t on it it looks like a Wow also what’s this all righty we found out there’s the st. Stephen’s Cathedral wow what an amazing like site just to randomly come across Dom Kircher no don’t curse Saints even just a friend all of our German viewers just that woman to be looking at nice buildings actually to be honest it does like isn’t this the nicest H&M store cars we don’t do our first proper stop of the day I come to st. Peter’s Catholic cathedral it’s right exhaling as you can see it’s sorry beautiful harlots between these two buildings just here I think we can go check it out inside. So beautiful inside that church the like massive painting on the roof was incredible it’s also free, and it said at 3:00 p.m. you can go, and get a free organ concept look pretty cool we just come out to a collection of museums there’s a few of them all the way down here, and they’re really beautiful actually looking for the National Museum the National Library sorry, I’m sorry don’t I was like that looks like the beauty of beasts library I know this person loves Pinocchio Pinocchio is from here. But there’s a little Pinocchio shop, and this may be more like an original one don’t call all the clocks oh yeah it’s all handmade wooden puppets that’s so cool that looks I love that cause, I’m not exactly sure where we’re walking I know it’s like a massive like oh yeah this is what we’re looking at at the moment yeah we’re trying to find 11 that’s a library no way that is fancy this is giving actually that’s very similar this has given me some vibes of when we stayed in that hotel in Germany Munich yeah this park.

Because we were there like in winter. So all the trees didn’t have anything on there it’s about zero degrees Jerkins gone up to two it’s actually a nice time tomorrow this doesn’t look anything like our perth library air wraps around I think we accidentally saw two very important people don’t know who it was. But do not stress out there it could have been able to see the army all dressed up in that traditional way oh wow hello guys after a big adventure running into the Prime Minister of Austria the library doesn’t open on Mondays the library doesn’t open on Monday it was the president. Because what the president of Stadion you just noticed that the crossing is two people holding hands with a little love heart okay very cute we’re a little bit hungry we realize it’s like now 1:00 1:30, and we need some food, and kind to the nut market that’s in the middle of this like Street Bernard we do there’s so many restaurants here you can’t get a burrito. But that is a good idea alrighty I think I need a beanie we came here for food not close oh man do we go for the fresh seafood barrel of pickles guys this is the Austrian version of our greenbags back home alright would come up to tea was. Because we wanted like sighing semi healthy that is yeah it’s not really local to Austria. But it’s like no.

But we have plans to try Austrian stuff tomato nice be any bother Jesse you do pretty good pull a hole with hummus I like how my first proper meal is a Greek meal some work brought, I’m sorry guys today doesn’t count today was meant to be a chill day alrighty guys you pick up these 72 owl-like city cards, and gives us access to the underground says 2419 gives us unlimited access on trams buses, and the underground yeah hey I just jumped off the train, and we come down to a really beautiful building why are we no whiner Ostrom I strung are so bad I don’t even know I try. But look how beautiful this building is. But the reason we’ve come here is Priscilla salon look, and your ice-skate, and from these beautiful buildings if you go get your shine luckily they still have yeah I think we like arrived just in time oh I mean they put a little pop-up shop does this kind of count is going to the German Christmas markets are so so good in here seriously have so much amazing food here. But I am sorry fall this has got to be the coolest place that we’ve ice-skated just look at that view behind us take on there bubs you please usually put a struggle town, and this happens guys we seriously on noobs when it comes to ice skating it runs like pros Winter Olympics inspired like champions right now, and I need like one of the little penguins where’s the Penguins Bob’s you think it’s you old for the Penguins. So it’s really cool. So this is a park, and they’re just having an ice skating rink taxi they just like my skate through the park which is really cool ice skating was super fun, and I hope you enjoyed our first day here in Vienna I think we got a daily post our time in Europe jet lag is real jet lag it’s real oh gosh it’s only five o’clock, and like Steve bed. But like what 4:00 in the morning in Perth I think anyway if you are new around here make sure you hit comment.

Because we have a lot of fun stuff coming your way. Because on the next post it is currently snowing yesterday literally Ben green grass, and blue skies just can finally get the beauty in the be smart.

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