Hey guys it is 3 a.m. in the morning, and we’re catching a 4 a.m. mega bus to Brussels, and it’s gonna take us till 4 p.m. in the afternoon that’s alright fault for choosing the cheap option I mean we cannot complain come to the cost of that’s twelve twenty dollars twenty dollars to get us from here to Brussels we’re just gonna have to deal with. But this is the last terrible wake up early slash bus ride we have to do for our rest of our time in Europe. So, and then it’s on to the trains if you can learn the trains to it alright it is four hours all of them what is it oh no maybes three hours all right we’ve changed the buses, and we’re now off to Brussels this is where the big journey begins yeah, I’m about half an hour late since about 9:30, and that means probably in there for 4:30 you’re gonna get in at 6:00 estimate gonna be late how are you doing oh nice, and close what of the order, and then we’re just want to jump into the Eurostar you’re a trained under a train, and then I don’t know if we end up in France would we end up yeah training you decided to come out a stop, and I just feel like Smith oh honey they’re in like three hours time 3 hours that’s the bathroom not. But yeah. So we’re sponsoring the train.


So welcome it’s fine Oh. So we drive throat into that, and then we just wish us luck, I’ll see you we’re underground we just got to Belgium Brussels they actually didn’t feel that bad for 12 hours on the bus yes she’s very much gonna be making our way towards our accommodation trying to find out the trade all right we’ve been looking up, and down the road for a place that staying at this time actually sang it at apartment, and I think we found it we’re gonna click the button hopefully this is right hold it down if you’re gonna keep holding it to ring maybe there’s us trying to figure stuff out excuse me fellas like a mist we has carried a little ugly Jeff a lotta stairs. But it was so worth it. Because we’re staying in the nicest apartment here in Prague and, I’m so tired after 13 hours of traveling. But 13 hours of traveling made me not in continental Europe number Issa please sit down we’ve got a look at all the baggage we have this is is that ridiculous it’s not too much put us up how beautiful is this place guys we’re staying in apartment at the moment um yeah we’re teaming up with a company called wind earth, and it’s like I suppose the share accommodation market, and yeah they put it up put us up here in Brussels this place is amazing it’s late at night we’ll give you a proper full room tour tomorrow yeah that’s really cool we’re learning the fifth floor I’ve like a tall building are you. So sure you guys.

So upstairs is that bed Ramona’s really kooky quickly good he’s out you for a little hole accuser look at that that’s Russell’s emotion. So nice. But we just notice Hills a grocery store down the road, and we have a kitchen which means that we can actually cook something nice for dinner things are internally. So much. So we’re gonna hurt shower freshen up go down to the grocery store who makes me dinner still not, I’m sorry that was all very thoughts oh you’re right yeah. So you must have like a true story of department in this five-story place. But I yeah you’re checking a bit like variety guys we gonna go down to the grocery store, and get some dinner, and we can cook it in our kitchen rich, I’m so so that week we have a stovetop which we can use which is cool, and a microwave I think the main thing I need when they’re going to stay somewhere it has a microwave, and perfect now I need to try to think what I want all the difference do you think it’s like you want no you know, I’m going to need that much on the boss, I’m just like well at least, I’ll get something we can make it later yeah yeah yeah all right let’s go Oh lots of.

So the store we’ve come into its like a discount store, and you literally it’s all just packaged, and you just grab what you want I think we did good I think we did ooh what’s that dessert I mean we clear this made us a cheeky coffee and, I’m cooking some dinner, I’m making ravioli I mean tortellini with some pesto which Lee showed me how to make which looks really good. So, I’m gonna make that I make a little salad, and don’t look there’s some candies that we’re gonna try that are from Britain that my water is boiling. So, I’m gonna pop these in donesies oh hey Steve tortellini, and salad I know it’s a lot rich if you can’t finish it you can have some for lunch tomorrow it’s deadly to say we stole the recipe yes oh you can are you reading. So Family Guy are we gonna chew how nice is this wood on the table I love that. But um yeah just gonna eat it up yeah hungry. So good hey cheeky Belgium treat, I’m so tired from this trip meal that’s oh we’re about to eat the whole thing hey guys sorry that we haven’t done much today. But that’s what happens when we travel what’s with her now us.

But we promise that is the last horrendous travel trip we have to do for the remainder of Europe. Because we are doing trains, and kind of little route that we’ve worked out in the moment is like three to four hour train trip. So we’ll leave in the morning get there like mid-afternoon is still the day to wait tell them one actually plan to go to Germany actually if we leave in the morning we’ll still get there in the afternoon, and it’ll be true. So what we plan for Europe. So far is we are in Belgium for tomorrow yes following day we go to Cologne in Germany I have a family friend who lives there, and he’s been kind enough. So kind enough to put us up for a few days three days three days, and his name is Marcus, and I think we gonna go look around Cologne. Because we deceive Berlin we didn’t want to go to Munich.

But oh y’all going like we didn’t want to go to Manila, and we are going to go to meeting oh. So so I thought we organised Brussels here in Belgium for you know for two nights then we’re going to cologne for three nights Munich for two nights that’s it. So far. So going back to Germany, and then from Germany we need to work out where to go. But I know we want to kind of go staff. Because we kind of want to go away from the rain. But if you have any suggestions where we should we’re after Munich a look at the map, and look down, and see where we should go that’s what we’re planning.

So far though. So if any of you have been to Cologne or meaning let us know we should do we’re gonna be there for five days in total. So one of my favorite chocolates is freaking up chocolate which we never ever get the shock we went to only had fruit enough chocolate which we bought. So yummy Belgian chocolate that’s the brand fellow room. So you mean oh okay Matt gone chinga Bob’s Burgers. So good if you haven’t watched it funny I love it someone that’s made it to the bed already what you doing, and Dan yeah thanks guys for reading sticking with us on this travel day. But now the adventure continues we’ve got lots of stuff planned for Europe.

But thanks for reading tomorrow we’re going to show you more of Belgium or Brussels we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye.

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