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The McDougal Lake


LENGTH 0.9 mile TIME 0:30




A U.S. Forest Service sheet with map is available at the ranger district office in Tofte. USGS quad: Slate Lake East. No permit is required.

Drive west from Isabella for 10 miles on Country State Highway 1 and turn left on U.S. Forest Road 106. The McDougal Lake Campground entrance is on the right in 0.5 mile. The trailhead is located at the parking lot, near the boat landing.

47° 38′ 20.7 N 91c 32′ 10.0″ W

You might think that because this hike is so short it will have little to offer. This doesn’t have to be the case. Being shorter, it invites you to linger and take a closer look at the plants and animals living along the trail. Life in the wild often proceeds at a much slower pace than what we are used to. Slowing down just a bit pushes open the door that has been standing just slightly ajar, giving us a broader look at the activities going on around us that we usually miss in our fast-paced lives.

When a Confederate Lord dies, the surviving relatives shall immediately Best winter vacation in USA dispatch a messenger, a member of another clan, to the Lords in another locality. When Best winter vacation in USA the runner comes within hailing distance of the locality he shall utter a sad wail, thus: Kwa-ah, Kwa-ah, Kwa-ah! The sound shall be repeated three times and then again and again at intervals as many times as the distance may require. When the runner arrives at the settlement the people shall assemble and one must ask him the nature of his sad message. He shall then say, Let us consider. Then he shall tell them of the death of the Lord. He shall deliver to them a string of shells (wampum) and say Here is the testimony, you have heard the message. He may then return home. It now becomes the duty of the Lords of the locality to send runners to other localities and each locality shall send other messengers until all Lords are notified. Runners shall travel day and night.

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