Molde Norway Map

County: M0re og Romsdal fylke.

Altitude: see level. Population: 20,000.

Postal code: N-6400. Telephone code 0 72.

HOTELS. Alexandra, 207 SB; Romsdalsheimen, 50 Nobel, 48 Knausen Pensjonat Motell, 150 b. YOUTH HOSTEL-CAMP SITE.

SPORT and RECREATION. Fishing; boat rentals.

EVENT. International Jazz Festival (August).

The county town of Molde, in western Norway, lies on the N side ofthe Moldefjord, sheltered on the IM and W by a range of hills. The surrounding area is noted for its surprisingly rich vegetation (large numbers of roses). During the summer, the town attracts lively vacation and tourist traffic.

The town was founded in the 1 5th c. and received its municipal charter in 1742. It was largely destroyed during the Second World War, but was rebuilt in modern style. The main industries are textiles and ship fittings.

Church, Molde

SIGHTS. In the middle of the town are the Town Hall (1 966) and, immediately E of it, the new church (1957), with an altarpiece by Axel Ender (1 9th c.). To the W of the town is the hilly and wooded park of Rekneshaug (monument to writer Alexander Kjelland, 1840-1906); at the far end of the park is the Romsdal

Museum, with,many old Romsdal houses. To the NE of the park is the Stadium (indoor swimming pool).

SURROUNDINGS. In the fjord, to the S ofthe town, is the little island of Hjertoya (motorboat from harbour), with a small Fisheries Museum.

There are pleasant walks along the shores ofthe fjord, particularly to the E, past the Fannestrand beach. Fine views are possible from two hills near the town, Tusten (696 m 2284 ft): 3 hours’ climb) and Varden (heap of stones: 407 m 1 335 ft), which can be reached by road (4 km 2 miles). 28 km (17 miles) N of the town, on Road 67, is the Trolls’ Church, a cave 70 m (75 yds) long and up to 7 m (23 ft) high, with a waterfall, in a bed of limestone in the Tverfjelle (a mountain). Sturdy footwear and a flashlight are essential for visiting the cave.

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