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Hey guys look at what. I’ve got on again, it’s one of these really of hockey things they’re very popular here, it’s actually very handy then the tour guide Sony like shout at us anyways behind me, this is some of the ruins the city of Pompeii now called a if you remember was the Roman town that was buried.

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I mean nine eighty a draw – from a nearby volcano that happened. So we’re gonna take all this in the ruins that would preserve of this ash volcanic cloud have a glimpse back in time yes now if. I became a Roman city just eighty years before Christ, but already sixty-two years after Christ the whole city was a totally damaged by terrible earthquake seventeen years later of the earthquake while the Romans were still about to complete the renovation work of the city the day of the disaster the volcano Vesuvius exploded on the 24th of August at 1:30 p.

m. the hero cemetery after Christ the Pompeians heard like an atomic bomb landed. I saw, you named two black cloud raising up ashes without burning the stones.

And poisonous gases spread out the to up they have to do to win him to come back from PN’s were. So suddenly got by rainfall of a volcanic materials they really never understood who was going on till they got those materials on them. And dear friends within less than 48 hours the whole vampire city was buried by a mountain of ash it was a finally buried by 20 feet of ash that’s how we’re standing in the main square here at Pompeii there used to be the town hall yeah.

I think that was the bank oh no that was bank that was forgot either way all the important buildings of the city were in this square. And this used to be like the meeting point is we happening place to be. And all used to be covered in marble like all the Roman ruins everything in marble it’s.

So, you can pay me oh my goodness guys. I have such a treat for, you, it’s right now. I am in full, you know Fiasco he’s yeah now we’re gonna look cook learn to cook some crust.

And like to cook actual Italian pizza, it’s very very good the flour must be a double tier of flour. And the American grain flour Manitoba is too strong purposes know recommended okay we need a whisk flour in a state. So ganon a much better to buy pizza flour revelation everybody believe that this action is for sure what is to eat zero now technically, this is not for sure these two greens the frost from the blood work because we need the other travel to work with the cross.

And we need to clean. I hope you’re not expecting me to do that are, you this year oh yeah. I love artichokes in love arches a lot of people don’t like artichokes did.

I really about to go back to go back okay yeah now, it’s time to cut my feets is gonna either be amazing or very interesting here fake them, but uppity guys look. So good. I am.

So impressed with myself right now. ?

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