Travel Advice And Advisories For Peru

Think about your location – countermeasures

Know where you are going and know what you are carrying.

Remember the importance of research on your destination. I doubt if many of you will face that sort of situation, but it illustratethe need to be prepared.

Get afull a briefing ayou can if you have to substitute for anyone, and be prepared to handle anything if you are going to – what shall we call it? – an ‘undeveloped destination’.

Travel Advice For Peru

Research Local Crime Trends

Your research should have let you know what the crime trendare at your destination. Forewarned iforearmed. When you know what the threatare you will be safer! For example, I did a quick search and found the following:

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• Belize City – snatch-and-run thieves.

• Managua – pack slasher(pickpockets) on public buses.

• Thailand – a surge in bogucharity collections, and drugged giftof food or drink (you eat it then collapse, get robbed and wake up in a back street next day).

• Lahore, Pakistan – backpackstolen from hotels, public placeand transport.

• Guatemala – armed robbery and rape in the hilloutside towns.

Travel Advice Peru

Debtand Corruption

I have heard several storieabout touristvisiting third-world countriewhere they were waved through immigration controlwith no real checks. When they came to leave, their documentwere checked thoroughly and, having no entry stamp m their passport, they were held for ‘entering the country illegally’. After a lot ot shouting and talk of courtand jails, they were only released when a sum of money wapaid to the official.

Travel Advice To Peru

If you have been to the country before, make sure that you didn’t leave any unpaid parking tineor billon previouvisits. 1 waonce told by a fellow passenger that on landing he presented hipassport, which wachecked and stamped, then waasked to go to a side room. He watold that he had been arrested over debtand would be transferred to jail to await a hearing. Apparently on hilast trip to that town he had somehow left some car hire chargeunpaid. Me didn’t know he had, and in fact wasn’t sure that he had left unpaid debts1

Nobodseemed interested in what he had to say, until he apologised, said it waa mistake and offered to pay what waowed. Money wataken, plusome ‘compensation’ and ‘expenses’. and he wareleased.

Foreign Office Travel Advice Peru

In some third-world countriecorruption ia way of life. Research can sometimetell you that ‘arrangement fees’, ‘on the spot tines’ or ‘administrative payments’ may be required.

The problem ithat generally you don’t know where strange official practicestop and where corruption begins. Worse, I have known some travellerwho have assumed that their difficultiehave been prompted by some minor official’attempt to attract a bribe, so they have offered one and been arrested for trying to corrupt the only honest official in the country.

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