Best Travel Destinations In February

Best Travel Destinations In February

When I explained to him that I had been having difficulty getting white foreign owners and managers to pay the full rate for ads in my monthly What We Do In Anguilla (WWDIA) tourism paper and the yearly WWDIA tourism magazine, he said that it was because of our differing lifestyles.

I had an idea what he meant; but, I did my normal naive act; and, asked him to kindly explain. He was quite forthright and candid in telling me that the general feeling in the white world was that people of my race did not need to make more money than our lifestyle warranted.

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It might be only relatively lately that his race and my race have started to reverse things. His to pay the going rate regardless of race, religion, class, colour and gender; and, mine to also put eating out, travel and education on their list of priorities.

In reality, more and more people across the race spectrum are shifting their priorities by cutting out the “bells and whistles” – the otherwise wasteful 70% – that they had invested in the areas of accommodation, transportation and wear; and, are utilising these freed up resources to enhance their lifestyles through travel, dining out and pursuit and A attainment of higher levels of education.

I see this as a good thing; and, like an evangelist, I ask you to personally tell me, are you one of these persons; or, are you living like a hamster?

Of course, it can be scary to alter our life and lifestyle; but, if we take a long, hard look at it, without regular dosages of quality travel, we can be like a hamster on a treadmill – travelling non-stop but, really, going nowhere. Yet, we might feel that we are achieving and fulfilling our destiny.

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