Winter Travel Makeup Routine

Oh hello there. And welcome to a makeup routine by Abby now a lot of, you ladies.

And gentlemen have been asking how. I do my makeup but. I clearly don’t have on my face right now.

So. I’m going to do a little makeup routine. I’m going to show, you how.

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I do my kind of everyday slash more put-together winter look. So winter travel look without about. So the first thing we’re going to do is moisturize our face because in the winter time my face gets.

So so dry actually have like bitches eczema on my face at the moment because, it’s just been. So dry and So cold.

So. I’m going to use moisturizer to spend my little travel container it is by lush. And Zee mom.

I think that’s how, you pronounce it. And C Mon enzyme on. and I’m just going to take a bit like that. And my finger is moisturizing. So so important in the winter time next up.

I’m going to prime my eyeshadow creases lid to prevent creasing because no one likes Grace’s in their eyeshadow. So, this is Too Faced shadow insurance. I’ve been using this stuff for years it is magic pure magic well eNOS.

I will take a little very aggressive eyes shadow insurance primer, it’s like Willy a little pipette and I place up oh my feel is like. So now it is time, this is my cue face natural map palette that.

I am using and I am going to use what shapes today. I kind of actually alternate between all of these shades they’re all pretty a neutral than pretty they’re pretty mutual and I like them all. So realistically any of these shapes. I go for, but let’s do my favorites as, you can see strapless colors will do it away steady strapless.

And risque eyeshadow combination on my face today. So I’ll do lace Teddy well. And I’ll kind of go in the inner corners to like the mid corner.

And then I’ll take some of it. I like to use having a lot because, it’s just. So just kind of playing a neutral and I will move that up. And I’ll do kind of my eyelids foot just a little bit of heaven up there, it’s just kind of like a white neutral color I’ll put some of lace Teddy it right in the inside then I’ll take strapless again with my big brush. I have a multi-tool, this is one of my travel brushes, it’s by Mac, it’s one there set yeah brushes are such a.

I need them for my makeup that there are kind of a pain to bring multiple one so I just use them. And combine them.

And it works some with a strapless. And do the middle to outer corner. And then kind of go into my crease with that.

So strapless will go in. And a corner. And then, it’s my crease I’ll do this thing with my other eye flake off some of the excess shadow.

And I’ll take some risk a I’ll just kind of do a little bit on the inner corner of my eye. And I’ll just take that. And move that up a bit there’s basically two brushes here there’s the smaller one which.

I use for like priests work. And then this big one which. I use for literally everything else don’t think that and I will blend it all in starting from that inside. And then moving to the outside. So blending in the dark that.

I put and I will just blend it employing this. And then.

I like to take a tiny more bit of strapless go right there on the lower part of my bottom lashes. So that is my final. I shadow look.

So, you can see, it’s very very neutral. I don’t want to do a dramatic like whole dark smoky eye or anything like that because, this is something. I want to be able to wear out throughout the whole day.

So daytime. And nighttime whatever it is. I want to be able to wear this eye shadow so.

I keep it very kind of life, but just adds a little bit more definition around my eyes. And makes them or resizing my eyeshadow first is because usually with the two-faced stuff there is fallout. So there’s always a wee bit of fallout so.

I like to just kind of brush that off. And then we’re good to go. So now we’re going to our foundation though, this is the Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation.

I do wear a full coverage in the winter time because my face is just it gets really again with the Exuma. And the redness it just gets a little bit red and I just prefer a little bit more full coverage in the winter time than.

I do in like the summer when, it’s like hot. And sweating because no answer, but they not hot. And, it’s not sweating so.

I can kind of get away with more full coverage. So, this is a fair light honey. And then I’ll put some on my foundation brush.

And then. I will apply this on my face mix well some solid foundation skills thank, you duty. And beauty guru.

And then I’ll kind of just bring it down a wee bit onto my neck I’ll make sure I’ll blend that all like. So. And now.

I’ve got a beautifully foundation covered face. So now that. I’ve taken all the color away from my face we’re going to add the color back into my face first I’ll take my eyeshadow brush.

And make sure that. I kind of blend the bottom bit to my eyes. So it kind of blends a bit more into my foundation now I’ll do a bit of a bronzer.

I guess to kind of contour the edges of my face. And a little bit more color. So this one is the chocolate Too Faced chocolate Soleil in a medium.

I’ve kind of worn out the label bit. So can take some of that to my brush. And then.

I will do the kind of the edges. And the topic. So just like I’ll bring it into a cheek like.

So then kind of bring it up oh go over here. And just follow that lie on my face. And I’ll do the same for the other side roll go to my cheek up at the top of my face.

And then I’ll just do like the under bits of a chin. We’ll just follow my jaw line. And bring it down just a wee bit now, it’s time for my blush ah.

I’ve also had this blush for a very long time, this is by Mac. I have no idea what color, this is it is completely worn out, this is actually broken, it’s more of like a general medium blush, but, it’s like a mask style. So I’ll just kind of take a little bit of that make sure, it’s up too much onto my brush and I will just do I’ll make sure. I go up just a wee bit look at that further. So now.

I’ve added color back into my space. And now it is the eyes time. So the first thing.

I’m going to do is prime my eyelashes, this is by Lancome it is the cios booster XL this stuff is money it’ll change your life you’ll change your life I’ll just, it’s nice in the net onto my lashes like. So a nice healthy healthy dose of cils booster. I generally do my top lashes there’s no real need for the bottom lashes now while this stuff is still wet Keith Keith inky.

I will use my mascara now this stuff is by Too Faced better than sex mascara. And oh my goodness let me tell, you this stuff is literally better than sex it is magic magical my lashes. So let’s put that on well my primer is still nice.

And wet make sure, you get the corner lashes my other eye. And then I’ll do my bottom. And then.

I’m gonna just go over like a second coat my top lashes. And now the glasses. I got because.

I brought high on my brows. I used anastasia dipbrow, this is a Sephora angled Pro liner pencil no brush to brush, this is in the color soft brown I’ll just kind of open that up and I will take my angled brush kind of get into that pot layer kind of get it on both sides make sure, it’s nice.

And good like that. And then I’ll use the lid to kind of even it out. So there’s no like chunky bits.

And then. I will draw my cows so I just caught a start flip Midway then move them to the corner.

So like this yeah Midway moving to the corners simple. And then I’ll kind of just go very lightly into the center of my row but. I don’t really feel them.

I don’t really do too much here because. I find that it can be then it gets a little too dramatic looking. and I’m trying to keep this, you know then. I will take my Anastasia clear brow gel. And set my brows into place yeah.

And then laughs my lips now sometimes I’ll just use a moisturizer I’ll just put like a lip balm on but. I also like to put a little bit more color as my lips because no much time. I’m just.

So pay off and I do like to wear a little bit more makeup in the winter time because it just brings out more features, this is my book some oh, it’s it at some point oh. I just wanted out okay well.

I’m sorry five books um. I don’t know what color it is, but, it’s more like a just like a peachy lady dark e peachy nudie, it’s like a mauve. And then all this stuff yes, you can see, it’s very very close to my natural lip color because it just wants something that no is it it adds a bit of color, but, it’s not like mole wet dramatic there, you go that’s the final look.

I mean, it’s a lot of makeup by the time. I like to wear a bit more makeup, but as, you can see that is kind of the final look my winter routine. I hope, you enjoyed reading that or, you were curious at all that how.

I do my makeup. I know some of, you guys have asked me for us now if you’re interested in seeing a summer routine. I could do that as well when summer actually appears themself because my summer routine is quite a bit different than my winter routine.

So let me know down below in the comments. And thank, you for reading this post don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. And comment to my youtube blog for more posts okay bye.

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