Safety Tips For Travelling To Bali

Dental care

Think about your teeth if you are going to be away, especially if you are going to an exotic and remote location. Make an appointment to have your teeth checked before you go. You will get pretty hungry sitting high in the Andes, if because of severe toothache all you can suck on is a chocolate digestive biscuit.

Optical care

Similarly, you may want to make an appointment to get your eyes tested and seek professional advice, especially if you usually wear contact lenses. Get your eyes checked and consider taking at least one spare pair of glasses. (If you were feeling charitable you might even donate them to the local village doctor the day you leave.)

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Guideblogs – local rules and laws

An important part of your preparation should be to read some information on your destination. Ask your travel company about leaflets and notes on local rules and laws. Buy a guideblog, look up the destination on the internet or consider contacting the country’s embassy in the UK. Research will make you better prepared for your holiday. Research, planning and preparation will reduce risk.

You are expected to abide by their laws when you travel to another country. As a courtesy you should realise that you are a guest, albeit a paying guest, in their country and make sure that you know what their rules are. Ignore local laws, customs and traditions at your own risk.

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It can be quite hard to be sure that you are abiding by the law of the land. I once went to Barbados and endured a rather spirited taxi ride from the airport, driving down the middle of the road. Collecting my hire car next day I decided to check to make absolutely sure which side of the road to drive on. When I asked the car hire guy, his laid-back response was, ‘In the shade man, in the shade!’

Most important of all are laws and customs relating to drugs, alcohol, religion and national flags. I heard of one guy who was put in prison for two days because he sat on a beach towel which was printed with the country’s national flag. It was innocent, but illegal.

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