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But I was thinking about my grandmother. My grandmother, Xiamen Metro Map Doris Beddow, was one of my reasons for being in China. She had been an Xiamen Metro Map unconventional lady and had lived in China for thirty years. My mother was bom in Hankow and brought up in Peking, or Beijing as it is now called. Doris had been a special correspondent for the News Chronicle and the Daily News in the time of the warlords and this enabled her to do quite a bit of travelling. What made me think of her now was an old family snapshot of her sitting in much the same posture as I was in a dust-storm, unconcerned while the dust whirled her hair on end.

The words were clear but didn’t seem to respond to the conversation of Matt’s group. Had they interrupted a ghostly conversation?

Additional EVPs were collected during the investigation. All evidence along with video clips and photographs, including those taken during Mari’s deliverance, can be seen and heard in our Web site’s Secret Room.

As Bev and I finish this story, we contemplate Mari’s deliverance.

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