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Copenhagen, like all of Denmark, is the biker’s paradise (except for the rainy days). Denmark is flat, making biking easy, and a number of bike tours are available. Of the 1.5 million people who live in and around Copenhagen, at least 300,000 are addicted pedalers. Excellent bike paths border most city streets and thread parks, plazas and public grounds. Phalanxes of bikes, even on main streets, seem to take precedence over autos. Tivoli Gardens are known worldwide even though tiny compared with entertainment complexes like Disneyland or Disney World.

Little Denmark has a tourist promotion budget of S8 million a year, larger than that for our U.S. Travel Office. Yet the country has only five million population.

The Little Mermaid sits pensively at the entrance of the harbor to Copenhagen, like the Statue of Liberty in New York City harbor, symbols of their respective cities.

Denmark levies a 22 percent sales tax bn accommodations, probably the highest anywhere. A service charge is also included in the price of hotels, motels, inns and other guest accommodations.

The ancestors of Danes were Germanic tribes, Anglos, Saxons, and Danes. Today the typical Dane has the Nordic qualities of being tall, blond, blue-eyed and fair. Scandinavians better meet the Nordic ideal, as proposed by Hitler, than does the typical German.

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