Each cruise line’s review begins with an overview of the line in general and a short summation of the kind of cruise experience you can expect to have aboard that line. The text that follows fleshes out the review, providing all the details you need to get a feel for what kind of vacation the cruise line will provide.

We then divided the ships into classes of similar vessels. In a chart at the top, you’ll see the average minimum amount a cruise will cost per day, which we’ve labeled as the Avg. Starting Per Diem We arrived at this number by averaging the prices posted by major cruise travel agencies for the lowest cabin category in high season (Christmas week usually), low season and mid-season. Please note that these numbers are not set in stone: Sometimes you’ll pay significantly less, and sometimes the price will be considerably higher than what we’ve posted here.

Below the price is information about the ships being discussed: how many passengers they tend to carry, what the passenger to staff ration is, and more. In the case of classes with several ships, the first number will represent the smallest ship and the second number the largest (we’ve been very careful to only group together ships that have very similar amenities and sizes).

People feel very strongly about ships. For centuries mariners have imbued their vessels with human personalities, usually referring to an individual ship as her. It’s a fact that people bond with the ships aboard which they sail. They find themselves in the gift shop loading up on T-shirts with the ship’s name emblazoned on the front. We know people who have sailed the same ship a dozen times or more and feel as warmly about it as their summer cottage. That’s why, when looking at the reviews, you want to look for a ship that says you.


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