High up in the mountains welcome to the ancient city of Cuzco. So we come outside of the hotel.

And there’s a group of four girls just waiting outside giggling. And they’ve been waiting here since 7:00 in the morning to see cats eat, it’s now like 12:30 sorry. So one of my favorite things about Palacio del inca is that they have this fine gentleman outside here one of the originals.

INCA ROCK SLIDE RACE – Cusco Peru Photo Gallery

I doing guys very good how are, you alright. So far. I want to say hi for all my homeboys my homies have a good day see, you later there’s probably been at least ten people in the past couple of days that have come up to us with like boxes of artwork.

And they try to sell, you paintings. And this guy had the most amazing pitch he’s like would, you like a painting. And.

I’m like no thank, you sling it was painted by Pablo what did he call. So junior Pablo Picasso junior Picasso’s pieces are just being passed around out here on the streets of Peru they’re pretty cheap too hmm. I don’t know what’s softer the chicken or Jaime, it’s actually the most amazing thing to touch in the entire world how much was it 40 bucks Wow yeah that’s the deal baby to back up baby I’ll Park on the chicken because, it’s a chicken chicken burger chicken.

So we are now in San Blas which is the more northern region of Cusco typically a bit higher up on the hills, you can see these huge square rocks that have been formed together the very interesting cobblestone walkways. And we’re actually going in just a few minutes to place called sexy woman sounds very sexy. And, it’s basically a massive fortress made out of these rocks what amigos my name is Jacinto.

And today. I play the tribal music of the people. I call this one 99 alpacas on the wall 99 of beggar’s on the wall okay gracias.

So Kathy being the queen of food she has pointed us in the direction of san blas is best hot chocolate right now up front of Jack’s cafe that’s good when there’s a big line outside for hot chocolate look at these hills. So crazy. So, it’s like one-way traffic come down here cobblestone roads after climbing some hills are at this really cool market here in San Blas.

And they’ve selling pretty much the same thing we see everywhere like alpaca paintings. And Peruvian looking mugs. And hats.

And Pikachu hats which is an essential if you come to Peru, it’s just nice to get out explore, it’s such a unique place when, you come to Cusco you’ll see a lot of these multicolored flags, it’s the flag of the tahuantinsuyo yes tribe. And it was the original Incans because back in the day Cusco was actually like the power point of all of South America like this was the most powerful city they had all the wealth. And that’s the flag that represented it we’re back at the Peru merch.

And. I’m finding some really high-quality necklaces here on the side there’s 17 solos for this one less than five US dollars. And look at all this Peru merch link in the description.

So right now we’re in a taxi we’re going up the hill to saqsaywaman. I’m gonna check out some sex of women, you know. I’m saying.

So we’ve rented a taxi for the next three hours 480. So less. So that’s roughly like 25 US dollars for like three hours that’s pretty good.

So, this is definitely the best viewpoint, you can find in Cusco we are right now on this little Ridge area like these about this beautiful lip. And it just gives us a viewpoint over the entire city. And there’s nobody else around, this is a little catchy secret we just pulled over on the side of the highway we went through a forest that’s good what are we doing next arrow oh yeah at all.

So we’ve just arrived at sexy woman and. I gotta say like it is incredibly expensive for me, it’s gonna cost me about 40 US dollars pretty close to that Jaime luckily you’re underage. So, you only cost me about $25, but still, it’s like crazy expensive sexy woman walking down those if you see what is amazing here is that older rocks stomach mm-hmm are perfectly aligned if you got even if you tried to put a finger between them wasn’t gonna be possible at first.

I wasn’t that hyped up about the whole like oh the bricks touch each other, but now looking at how closely they are just formed together, it’s like perfect symmetry. And someone just walked by. And told us that the heaviest block here is 300 tons imagine trying to push 300 tons like that would be at least.

I don’t know a thousand Cathy’s trying to like lift that up or like two of me one little piece of advice view if an Incan ever offers to play, you in Tetris walk away what did, you just hear that. So people used to push these big rocks. And to make it easier they used to use llama fat to make it slippery yeah yes.

And that they use also ramps. And that in the Inca Empire they were in slaves people had actually oh they were jobs they used to get pay for that. So no slaves nice country what.

I’m sorry. So we just walk all the way up this to get to the fly this place are there. And those flies are over there so.

I guess Christian is going in the right direction. So if. I keep going on with thinking jokes the Indians were notorious for creating the first five-day workweek.

And they believed in a work-life balance that’s why they built these slides here in their fortress when they weren’t fighting wars they were just having a good time with their friends still gonna send it though what’s ridiculously heavy like, you can see there’s got to be at least 1215 guys there they’ve got little pillows on their shoulders. And they’ve all got the snakes to like raise the Christ statue. And they’re struggling, you can see it in their face, but obviously, it’s kind of a show of sacrifice welcome to the beautiful well car the pizza would, you like cathy has told us, this is a great place to get some pizza.

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