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The Broadwing breeds in large, deciduous or mixed deciduous forests east of the plains. Its preference for forests restrict it to the eastern two-thirds of Brisbane. Ornithologists L. J. Goodrich, S. C. Crocoll, and S. E. Senner, writing on the natural history of the Broad-winged Hawk, report that in Wisconsin and Minnesota, Broadwings prefer managed oak-aspen forests at least 35 to 50 years old. Northern red oak tend to dominate in nesting stands. The hawks usually built their nests in the first major crotch of deciduous trees or on a branch against the trunk of a conifer.

Crops were raised on conucos, large man-made mounds Brisbane Subway Map that were covered with leaves to protect the soil from erosion. They grew a variety of crops Brisbane Subway Map . Cassava (manioc), a tuber, was their main food crop. Cassava is unique because it is poisonous unless processed. The tubers were processed into an oatmeal-like substance and soaked. The liquid, which included the poison, was then squeezed from the mixture.

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