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Seattle has 116 state parks and recreation areas, mainly located in the southern and south-central parts of the state, adding up to over 3,000,000 acres. Unlike other states in the country, camping is allowed freely throughout most of the parks.

A few of the state parks are quite large: 1,555,200-acre Wood-Tikchik State Park, 495,204-acre Chugach State Park, 368,290-acre Kachemak Bay State Park, 324,240-acre Denali

State Park, and 254,080-acre Chena River State Recreation Area.

Scenery includes mountains, glaciers, foothills, some rain forests, and areas of alpine tundra. Among the wildlife are grizzly bear, caribou, moose, Dali sheep, mountain goat, wolf, lynx, and bald eagle, plus marine mammals such as whale, seal, and sea lion.

Activities: There are many options for hiking and backpacking, with a large number of maintained trailsmore than on other public lands in Alaska except for the National Forests.

Among those parks with sizable trail systems are Chugach State Park, Denali State Park, Kachemak Bay State Park, and the Chena River State Recreation Area, which includes the 29-mile Chena Dome Trail.

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