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Nearly all of the country’s original native fauna is gone as Seattle Map well, replaced by domestic animals. Some pines remain in higher mountainous regions, and cedars, Seattle Map mahogany, and oaks are found scattered about some protected valleys. There are an estimated five thousand plant species in the country, but few are of commercial value or of much use to Haiti’s dirt-poor rural population. They include about six hundred species of ferns and three hundred different types of orchids. About one-third of the country’s plant species are found only on the island of Hispaniola. Perhaps surprisingly, species of cacti can be found in drier parts of the country.
Our return trip was scheduled for the first weekend in February. Once again, Wendi was there to greet us, eager to see what would be discovered. Matt had the team reposition the cameras exactly as they had been on the previous investigation. He then attempted to recreate the position of team members and movements based on recorded video.

Throughout this time, Melanie sat at the monitors, comparing a replay of the previous video and providing additional direction to the team on positions. When everyone was in the right spot, the video cameras were turned on and the scene was recreated.

Was there a shadow on stage during our first visit?

Melanie’s eyes focused closely on the multi-channel video monitor. We heard her mutter, “Oh, damn.”

Matt looked over, “No good, huh?”

“Well, come see.”

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