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He can also have careful search made everywhere as to whether Russia Metro Map any metals or minerals are to be found in the country, and, if any are discovered Russia Metro Map , send hither correct information, and then await further orders from this place. 19. Out of the abundant forests, the Governor shall examine and consider how and in what manner profit may be derived from the country; especially what kind of advantages may be expected from oak-trees and walnut-trees, and whether a good quality of them might be sent over here as ballast. So also it might be examined whether oil might not be advantageously pressed out of the walnuts.

The Governor shall likewise take into consideration and correctly inform himself how and where fisheries might be most profitably established; especially as it is said that at a certain season of the year the whale fishery can be advantageously prosecuted in the aforesaid Godin’s Bay, and adjacently; lie shall therefore have an eye upon this and send over hither all needed information as to what can be done in this and other matters connected with the country, and what further hopes may be entertained in reference thereto.

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