COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA INTERNET Shenzhen broadband is reasonably fast. You get access in hotels and net bars . Some sites are censored, mainly porn sites. Some blogs may be unavailable. Blogspot, Facebook, Google, WordPress and others are not available.

A surprising amount of political content remains uncensored. Anything with the words Dalai Lama or Falun Gong is an exception to this rule. Taiwan Government sites are usually blocked.

All major international newspapers are available online.

To avoid censorship buy a good vpn. The best is Astrill that you can find at: http: //www. astrill .com

Starbucks has free wireless.


Cuthbert lived on Farne Island for 12 years and was persuaded to take the post of Bishop of Lindisfarne, but he resigned within two years. Then, on 20 March 687, only three months after returning from Lindisfarne to his beloved Farne Island, Cuthbert died. He was buried on Lindisfarne, but his remains were eventually taken from the island by the monks and placed in a crypt in Durham Cathedral. It is claimed that centuries later, in 1104 and again in 1537, his body was exhumed and found still to be in perfect condition, yet when his grave was reopened in 1827 only the bones were found. The story persists, however, because the bones were claimed to be that of another monk and Cuthbert’s body, it is said, had been reburied elsewhere, centuries earlier. During the period before Cuthbert went to the islands, he lived as a hermit in the Northumbrian hills and a Pictish king’s daughter falsely accused him of fathering her child. The story goes on to say that Cuthbert prayed aloud to prove his innocence, and that the ground opened up and swallowed the princess. Her father hastily forgave him and begged for his daughter’s return. Cuthbert agreed on condition that no woman should ever be allowed to approach him again. The king then decreed that no woman must ever enter any church dedicated to Cuthbert.

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