Due to a number of tragic geopolitical situations, many cruise lines have been suspending, or at least reducing, their presence in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a regrettable state of affairs, because this sun-splashed region, with its world-class cities and spectacular resort towns, has long been one of the world’s most rewarding cruise destinations. We sincerely hope the situation will be reversed and when it has been, we’ll restore full coverage of these routes in this book.

Historically, Western Mediterranean routes which often start in Barcelona or Rome have been more about museums and cultural sites. With ports clustered closer together, they are more likely to offer overnight stays or extended port call which allow passengers more time on shore to take advantage of the region’s spectacular gastronomy.

Meanwhile, ancient civilizations and time in the sun have been the focus of Eastern Mediterranean routes. With Istanbul disappearing from cruise itineraries for security reasons, Athens’ port, Piraeus, has become the main Eastern Mediterranean gateway, and itineraries spend a lot of time in the Greek islands.


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