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Incidentally, the old fishermen’s cottages bore such august South Sudan Subway Map names as Bosham Castle and Bosham Abbey, and it is reported that one young man travelling by South Sudan Subway Map train from London confided in a fellow passenger that he was staying in Bosham Castle and was worried in case he did not have appropriately smart clothes to wear! To get to the railway station, it is necessary to follow Bosham Lane away from the waterfront, passing Bosham Walk craft centre and its excellent tearoom, then continuing past an old Nonconformist chapel and the Millstream Hotel.

Beyond the Millstream, pass Critchfield Road and then turn left into Delling Lane, following this to a roundabout where you meet your old friend the A259 yet again. Go straight over the roundabout and just up the road from there you reach the railway station and the end of the walk. There is a good range of amenities round here, in what is known as New Bosham. If you feel like a slap-up celebratory meal, there is an excellent Indian restaurant, and the Bosham Farm Shop will oblige you if all you want is an ice lolly and a packet of Hula Hoops. Chapter Thirteen Best Family Walk ACCESS BY CAR: West Wittering is reachable from the A27 at Chichester via the A286 and the B2179 (please note that this route is incredibly popular on summer weekends).

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