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Wine and Martini Bars

The Wine Loft


1315 East Blvd., 704/343-0131

HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 5 P.M.-midnight, Fri.-Sat. 5 P.M.-1 A.M.

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YN is hidden behind the restaurant 131 Main. It’s smalljust a few tables in a dark spacebut the intimate atmosphere has made it popular. There are small plates, wines from around the world, and craft beers on the menu. Feel free to skip the shrimp spring rolls and espresso-rubbed tuna and go straight for the homemade white chocolate bread pudding. YN is also a great option for a glass (or two) of wine and dessert after dinner at 131 Main; the menus complement each other well.

The British and French, seeking to profit from Europe’ Toronto Subway Map s rapidly increasing demand for sugar, strive to produce as much sugar as they can in the Toronto Subway Map Caribbean. Sugar plantations will grow larger and more efficient throughout the eighteenth century. 1730s The colony of Saint-Domingue begins sugar production in earnest, using an elaborate irrigation system to bring increasing acreage under the plow. By 1740, Saint-Domingue is producing almost as much sugar as all of the British West Indies combined. 1733 Slaves on the island of St. John, a Danish possession, capture the island’s only fort, burn many of its plantations, and kill most of the whites. They repel successive invasion attempts by British forces and control the island for six months, until an experienced French force of around 230 soldiers is able to subdue them.

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