So while cleaning out my closet to make room for my sister who’s visiting from Australia. I realized. I have a lot of pieces of luggage as, you can tell since.

I’ve been traveling since 2009 and. I figured I’d make a post discussing all the various pieces that. I have why.

I bought them why. I bought another one to replace them. So why they’re good why they’re bad.

I kind of just give, you my thoughts. And opinions on these that’s just basically what this post is gonna be all. So, this is not a sponsored post.


So nothing large companies pay me to make this post let’s get started now this bag starts at the whe beginnings of my travel experience, this is the first piece of luggage. I ever bought my mum just bought for me the good old American tourists your general black bag luggage there’s really nothing that’s special about this. I feel like a lot of people, this is our first piece of luggage they own is like a general black bag of luggage, it’s worked.

I mean most luggage, you buy will work as luggage yeah there’s really not much. I can say about this bag it worked to get my stuff from A to B it wasn’t easy to like pull or carry being only two wheels, it’s very flimsy, it’s not a lot of proof. And that’s why.

I decided to upgrade into my next bag this bag is the Beast, this is my next large piece of luggage that. I bought um thinking that. I was going off three went backpacking trip.

I would need a gigantic bag that is a huge Roky mistake, you do not need a gigantic bag for a three month long trip, you actually did a small bag first off every time. I take this bag, it’s over weight which then made me realize the importance of weight in a bag. So waist is very important because first off this guy alone please quite a bit.

I think, it’s like 7 kilos 7 or 8 kilos just for the bag. So that’s when you’re limited to like 30 kilos or 50 kilos that’s already a good chunk of your weight just in the bag. So so.

I always got charged over wait fees on this bag one time. I was like ah nice to me $5 at the time was like $135 there’s a lot of money to pay for just overweight bags, this is now my moving bag. I do keep it for big moves because, you look inside of it it is gigantic um it fits a lot of stuff that is the only real benefit of this bag is if, it’s a lot of stuff.

So if your mochi with paying overweight fee that’ll do, it’s also like a serpent bag because, you see, it’s by Billabong. So Billabong. So, it’s actually like a surfing water support bag.

And has this magical pocket that keeps your wet stuff from getting the rest of your dry stuff wet, this is actually a very very useful pocket I’d rather enjoyed having this two wheels only on a Rolly a large Rolly bag makes it. So difficult to pull when, you fill this bag up 50 pounds oh wait, you are pulling on too little dinky wheels that’s when I realize the importance of wheels in a piece of luggage.

So anyways I’ll give this bag isn’t awful. I wouldn’t highly recommend it though because, it’s just super big. And super heavy.

I’ve learnt to remove myself from the black bag equation because black bags are not very good colour for luggage because everybody has a black bag like literally this bag is everywhere everyone has this bag. So that’s why. I often for colours in my next bag selection literally the only reasoning behind buying this bag with.

I wanted a colorful bag. I just one click back Green is my favorite color this brand is at tick it is it did its job. I wouldn’t highly recommend it.

I mean this bag pretty much completely falling apart the zipper is broken here the back, you can see that protective area is all broken up this wheel is completely busted that one’s not faring much better it didn’t really stand up to the rigors of needing travel one of the downsides of these types of bags when picking out your bags, it’s a huge big single pocket this does not allow for organization. So if you are somebody who wants to organize your bag. And that’s pretty important.

I mean if you were packing things in. And out for multiple trips like you’re you’re having to take your luggage to multiple destination, you want something that’s easy to pack it unpack this single compartment just makes, you like pile everything on and, you feel like. I’m pile, it’s not very good for organization so.

I don’t recommend a single compartment bag if you are looking for luggage the one good thing these bags are kind of good for is again moving bags. So if you are moving to a destination, you just feel like put everything in a bag take two decision. And then pull everything out, it’s fine nothing wrong with that now that.

I’ve learned through my three previous failures of what. I wanted a bag we resulted to a bag that. I loved for many years as, you can tell by its very stickered.

And worn appearance hardcase makes it waterproof. And far more durable we have that’s another feather locks on the side. So built-in locks into luggage because, you notice my previous bags like this one that one had no built-in lock so.

I had to have external locks to lock up my bags such a pain in the butt such a pain in the butt built in locks right now thing. I got four wheels instead of two oh my gosh makes pulling. And pushing.

So much easier now the reason. I stopped using this bag was because actually if you look here it did eventually break. I mean no bag is perfect clearly the smelly bag was not quite perfect because it did break although.

I pretty sure that was the fault of an airline or something oh. I need to upgrade a bit, but this brand is sweet suit that’s the brand it actually is a really good bag. I just use the crap out of it because.

I used it for very long time luggage doesn’t last very long move on to my current luggage bag, this is by Hayes. And it is a little bit bigger than this piece as, you can see there’s different sizes. And like Heights.

And widths like, this is 24, this is a 26 inch, you can get 28 inches. I believe this size no actually there’s bigger than this. I don’t have these bigger than that that’s like a 28 don’t get better than that that is hundred liters a hundred liters keep in that nice too much, you do not need that.

I believe these two are like 70 liters of storage bottom this bag is slightly bigger it expands which is awesome something that the previous suit suit bag did not do this hay bag expands so. I can choose how big. I want my bag again four wheels locking built-in lock hardcase waterproof durable, this is a great bag it will last me until it breaks.

And then. I won’t move on probably a very similar sized bag these are the bags that. I recommend that, you were looking for, it’s a Roebling general luggage case, this is the style that.

I recommend backpacks now we’re going to move into backpacks. I’ve had two backpacks in my backpacking career the first one is my Ariel Osprey that is Osprey bag it is the Ariel 65 meaning, it’s a 65 litre bag now this bag is a a very comfortable bag, it’s got amazing padding good ventilation it was super super comfy to wear if if. I’m going on hikes, this is a fantastic bag if.

I’m backpacking. And going on hikes orange carry my bag for long periods of time, this is a fantastic bag now some of the downfalls on this bag. And why.

I purchased bag number two is because it is only a top-loading backpack meaning that every time. I wanted to get something out of this bag. I had to go in from the top.

And grab it out. So if something was buried deep down in there it was like impossible. I was constantly packing.

And unpacking my bag. And when, you were moving around a lot which generally do when, you do like travel trips this became a huge huge hassle also it wasn’t a locking bag like, this is your lock that a piece of string. And and clips.

So, you can kind of walk the clips in, but it wasn’t as secure as I’d like it to be so. I wanted something a little bit different hence why upgraded to is actually another Osprey bag because. I like.

I said that was. So comfortable it just didn’t have some of the features that. I wanted like opening like a piece of luggage oh it actually actually a bunch of stuff from my previous trip in here, but this opens like a normal piece of luggage open.

So, it’s much easier to pack, it’s much easier to get stuff out of. And also as, you can see by these little clips there it locks. So the main compartment is lockable.

And that was. So important for me oh. And there’s one other feature that.

I really liked that this thought that my previous backpack did not have was in transit like putting it on a bus or in an airplane. I can pull out this flap that will protect my straps from getting caught or getting ripped or just getting generally airplane dirty because through the conveyor belt is really. So that is why.

I love, this is my new go-to traveling backpack. So this one is the the Farpoint 70. So that one is the Farpoint 70 it actually has a detachable day bag which side note if you guys want to see a day bag bag collection let me know down below in the comments because.

I can do that. I have a lot of camera bags. And a lot of day bags that.

I can go through let me know down below carry on carry on luggage okay first off with got carry-on luggage bag, this is a really cute bag. I like it, it’s blue, it’s colorful now, this is also by suit suit, you can see they kind of are in like a matching social media. I guess beam, you could say, it’s a pretty decent carry-on, it’s got your locks, it’s got your hardcase, it’s got your two wheels.

I found, it’s a little bit small because it doesn’t expand like that’s quite a small size for carry-on, you can get bigger sizes for your carry-on. So that’s nothing new one of the downsides of this bag that. I wish it was slightly bigger.

I also wish it had four wheels even though it’s so small. And you’re like oh it doesn’t need four wheels it’s.

So nice to have a bag with four wheel we have the four wheel bag now this was bought in Rome like one of the. I think metro station because we. I was out of.

I needed an extra carry-on bag because. I bought too much stuff, this is when I was moving back from London.

I just bought too much stuff and. I need an extra carry-on bag, this is or or my one. I don’t really know if that’s a brand again this was just some cheap luggage that.

I bought at the metro station cuz. I just really needed a bag, it’s a really cheap piece of luggage. I need the lock is busted this the lock of the sides busted the compartment is like when.

I open it up, it’s already ripped. And fraying. I didn’t pay very much for it.

So. I’m not too worried, but there, you go had to include it in my luggage collection, you upgraded it so. I upgraded to two other pieces of carry-on luggage now this one is probably my favorite one that.

I use at the moment now these. I kind of use interchangeably they are roughly the same size even though the blue smart bag. So this one’s blue smart.

And this one is the away bag the blue smart bag. I find even though it looks slightly bigger. I find it just a little bit smaller in size because it has a lot of like gadgety compartments, it’s it’s one of the great things about this bag is, it’s got a lot of like separate compartments to put electronics like laptops.

And tablets. And phones. And chargers.

So, it’s really really great for that. And, it’s got like a whole bunch of like phone app well it has a phone app that can like wait. And do all that jazz.

So it gives, you a lot of information about the bag, but the actual space inside. I find a little bit small go for these bags. And USB chargers that’s like the new thing with carry-on bags none of my check bags have chargers.

I don’t think there’s a point in that. I don’t know if they make it they probably do make charge carrying bags, but why carry on is what you’re going to be using your electronics with anyway this one’s kind of the bag that. I would use more frequently on my trips, it’s pretty good the wheels are good, it’s hard case built-in lock the only downside of this bag.

I find is that the lock is like to lock it, it’s really awkward like these little zippers are really awkward to get into. So what. I’m saying is that no bag is ever going to be perfect for all your needs, but at the end of the day your trip should be about your travels.

And not about your luggage luggage is just an accessory that helps us achieve a more pleasurable trip. And journey some wise words of wisdom from, you from you’re welcome. So there, you go now, you have it we’ve gone through all the luggage.

I hope, you enjoyed a little insight into the many years of Abby luggage. And backpacks throughout my travels Sarah please cut these bags have been to over 50 countries combined that’s a lot of traveling. So I’ll give them all a round of applause.

And thank them for their contribution to my life it was very helpful in assisting me thanks so much reading don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog for more travel tips advice. And other random posts like this plus travel posts.

I give them as well. And I’ll see, you guys again next days time another post. ?

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