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Summer is never long enough or warm enough to erase winter.

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Volodya Vladimir Glazounov

Volodya Vladimir Glazounov, aged thirty-five, married, two children, a geologist by profession. He was scheduled to join only one of the six stages of our big trip but ended up participating in all of them. For a year and a half we lived together day and night. Without him, our story would have been very different, for three thousand miles from the capital, perestroika was only a word. Volodya served as my interpreter, go-between, and negotiator. It was he who dealt with the local mafia and civil administration to smooth the obstacles that arose in our path. But the expedition allowed him to dream and to travel as he had never done before. He had no regrets. I’ll always remember his last words to me: “Thanks to you, I discovered my country.” He died in a helicopter crash in 1995.
Free video games. Many limited-production wines available only Columbus Map in the tasting room. NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Barney Schwartz Park (lake, picnic areas); Estrella Columbus Map Warbird Museum (restored military aircraft, memorabilia). TREANA AND HOPE FAMILY WINES Pioneers of the Paso Robles wine industry, Chuck and Marlyn Hope are second-generation farmers who moved to the Central Coast in 1978. Seeking new opportunities, they left Bakersfield to plant apple trees along the Salinas River. They also planted a vineyard that included Cabernet Sauvignon.

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