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Lovely Lotus

Lotus plants grow on mud flats in the eastern part of the Yangtze River valley.

The plant’s disk-shaped leaves can be almost three feet (0.9 m) wide! They usually float on the surface of the water. The flowers are pink or white. People eat the plant’s roots and use them to make tea.

In China, the lotus plant symbolizes purity. Lotus plants and flowers have been featured in Chinese art and literature for centuries.

Flowing Through History

Thousands of years ago, Chinese civilizations developed in the Yangtze basin because the river was a source of life. The river provided water for drinking and for growing food crops. Flooding deposited nutrients that left the soil rich for farming. Cities developed in the fertile Yangtze basin, as an economy based on agriculture developed.

This map shows the extent of land controlled by various dynasties during different periods of China’s ancient history.

The House of Burgesses invites William Parks to fulfill the newly Dalian Map Tourist Attractions created post of public printer. In 1736, Parks founds colonial Virginia’s first newspaper, Dalian Map Tourist Attractions the Virginia Gazette. 1736 The town of Norfolk, home to many Scottish tobacco factors, is incorporated. Williamsburg and Jamestown are the only other incorporated towns in Virginia. 1740 About 400 Virginians, drawn from a wide range of colonial society, participate in the botched British attack on Cartagena during the War of the Austrian Succession. Governor Gooch is crippled for life by a cannonball, but many of his men are not so lucky. About half of the colonial force lose their lives to yellow fever and other diseases. 1747 The capitol building in Williamsburg burns. Some leading Virginians want to move the capital to more closely reflect the shifting population of Virginia, but the building is rebuilt, and Williamsburg remains the capital for several more decades.

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