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Herriman Lake

Trail Highlights

The Echo River Trail leaves the Little Vermilion Lake Trail just east of the bridge over the Echo River. The trail leads south following the river over gently rolling terrain for about 1.5 miles before veering away from the river and taking to ridges. Aspen and balsam fir, with scattered pines and birches, comprise the forest at lower elevations. On the drier ridges jack and white pines, and oaks predominate.

About a mile past the intersection with the Herriman Lake Trail, the Echo River Trail turns away from the river and traverses a series of ridges that provide excellent overlooks of the serpentine Echo River far below. After crossing a very narrow valley the trail climbs to an open hilltop intermittently covered with weather beaten jack pine and oak. There are more fine views of the surrounding forest and Echo River along the 0.7 mile loop of the summit.

The Herriman Lake Trail, heading east from the Echo River Trail, descends into a valley and passes a beaver pond. From the valley, the trail ascends to a ridge just south of Herriman Lake. The path crosses occasional rock outcroppings amid jack pines, oaks, and maples with views of the lake. Past the lake, the trail descends steeply to a stream crossing, turns north, and climbs one last white pine and oak-covered hill.

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