We Sailed to an Abandoned Fort Beautiful Antigua And Barbuda

Yeah let’s do it interesting all right LeBron duck your heads morning guys welcome to part two day two the following day right now Cathy and I are being driven underneath SLE Aviv being brought to shore watch our heads again yep.

I like the shortcut what are we doing today. I don’t know she just bought them they were they’re foodies. I’m too interesting because.

We Sailed to an Abandoned Fort Beautiful Antigua And Barbuda Photo Gallery

I know, it’s interested because. I know, it’s part of the rally, it’s not too late to come we’re gonna catch up on some work on these places. And go for a dive, but.

I’m not sure beautiful data. I don’t think, you need a lesson we have no idea where we’re going, but we’re just resting lastly blanket this one again last year in Antigua. I saw cars parked over here the other day like just a couple of them.

So. I’m hoping there’s something nope guys, this is one stone hello say hi guys one stone also known as shy he is working here in st. John said John’s.

So if you’re coming for a meal look for one stone vegan food thanks for the lift man who’s really appreciate it good good take care guys good good bye bye. I deal often the Carribean way just seems to be. So friendly.

And open. I asked the guy the first guy songs like are there cabs around here. So that we can get into town he’s like.

I can give, you a lift. So he drove us about ten minutes into st. John’s, this is the downtown side the biggest city in Antigua every day they get new cruise ships coming in, but it still has a ton of personality, you see these colorful buildings everywhere feels very laid-back my favorite part of that entire ride was how casual he was when we passed by the Prime Minister on the side of the road he was just in an SUV.

And the cool thing was he was telling us that like he sees the Prime Minister all the time sometimes he’ll come up. And hang out when they’re eating hey what’s up man. And he was also saying that sometimes even chat on Facebook.

So with this being a smaller population that people actually get to see their Prime Minister firsthand interact with them cruise ships the colors started off great we got to st. John’s, but today is not the day today Sunday. So literally everything is closed except for the tourist hole that is designed for people getting off cruise ships.

And, it’s horrible they’re selling jewelry they’re very aggressive sales people, but there is one bright side to all this if. I don’t get hit by this truck. And it is right here which is f sharp yeah.

I bought a steel drum for Elena. And Riley it was $20, but, it’s time to go back to the boat because there’s nothing to do here, it’s on three. So we just left st.

John’s and I actually ended up negotiating with a bus driver who was finishing his day up and So he took us here in his massive bus for 12 bucks.

And right now we are back at Deep Bay. And probably, this is my favorite part of Antigua. So far, it’s where we had a campfire last night had some delicious dinner.

And, it’s actually at the base of a fortress or what used to be and So right behind me is fort Barrington we’ve got like 20 minutes until Riley picks us up with the dinghy what, you think my castle ah Queen Kathy Kathy, it’s like much a feature, but in the Caribbean she’s like my hunchback. I’m sorry.

I had to see that that’s the real Kathy thank you. So right now what do, you got, you got my tambourine with, you got my five liters of water sweet, it’s actually your five liters of water he’s carrying it. I don’t wanna.

I don’t want to make it look bad he’s carrying it for me, but why do, you five liters of water when we have completely good water on the boat taste where it takes, you here we can go inside the fort what do, you think well this looks like the punishment room inside, you have a bench can, you put like can, you make my welcome to the Caribbean, this is Davy Jones locker my Christian people definitely be in here it doesn’t smell good sir let’s get out welcome to the top of fort Barrington. I have no history guys there’s a rainbow there. I don’t know if you can see it there, you go there it is guys we’ve almost made it to the house on the hill it’s.

So beautiful see a senior s su BM plataforma z– esta muy empanadas no se como en Punto metal guitar los zapatos pero estamos re now having just come from the Amazon. I must say. I have heightened alert levels right now when it comes to snakes spiders everything that can kill, you.

And will kill you. I don’t know if anything like that lives here in Antigua, but if it did, you would probably want to be in here hmm Oh God it just opened itself like an invitation from the spirits to come in oh nevermind doesn’t omean having flashbacks of Luigi’s Mansion comment down below if you played that game okay hey Siri are there poisonous snakes in Antigua check it out the most dangerous thing in your Antigua holiday let’s see what it is looks like. I just need to worry about sharks.

So that’s a relief. I highly doubt there’ll be any sharks in this room what no no. I’m a little scarred just emotionally talk about linear how, you doing that right there that is the view FLV right over there sunset right there one of the cool things that we started doing on instagram recently is if you help us get to certain milestones we actually do these really ridiculous things.

So on one of our recent photos together from the amazon. I said on my instagram story that if you got that photo to 30k likes. I would do a traditional dance known as the c kisi ki, it’s one of the Amazonian peruvian dances.

And Cathy taught me how to do. I’m gonna do this one. So if you guys want to see us do ridiculous stuff check it out our instagrams are linked down below we love, you guys, this is a beautiful sunset.

And we have this entire mountain to ourselves before nothing to see here folks my Savior that’s Captain Riley captain la vagabond Kathy do, you wanna show em what we got them we got, you a gift for the SLV the gift of music yeah, you can bring after, you go with, you everywhere, you go epic chime plays song Marilyn what. ?

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