Dolomites Italy – Snow Storms Too Much Grappa

Stay for, and it is raining worse today than it has in any of the other days we got a long hike ahead of us you ready full ring gear up my rain jacket isn’t very good. But everybody else seems to be more prepared. So this is it heading out into the rain today yeah see how much we can post cold, and rainy it wants to peek through totally clears up. Because it’s a long pull rainy day. So far here on day four like I like it don’t tell the group this is really beautiful all green mist rain it’s really not that bad its really snowing now cold we were right in the middle of it we said everything was gonna go perfect doesn’t always.

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But it’s beautiful out here we weren’t hiking through it maybe set up a little Netflix, and hot cocoa this would be a beautiful day out in the middle of it not as much snow all right we only got about two hours left if this breaks at all. So buddy go ahead the rain doesn’t break it actually turns to snow, and a lot of it I am completely unprepared hiking in August I only brought one fleece glove liners, and a ten dollar convenience-store raincoat we hiked for over an hour in the storm before spotting a small farmhouse in the distance, and we duck into the basement for shelter it seems we aren’t the only ones escaping the cold a good-sized crowd of hikers have already gathered inside, and more join as we wait. But there’s no way we can stay here overnight. So after a quick thaw we wish everyone good luck, and press on after two more grueling hours of fighting off frozen fingers, and literally battling the elements our refugio appears in the distance like a frozen desert oasis I have never been. So happy to get inside, and dry off we made it to the refugio that was a tough day I was actually getting worried there for a little bit my hands were getting very very cold I wasn’t prepared, and all of my dry clothes in my bag got completely soaked. So, I’m just hanging out a towel until those are ready now we’re gonna go have some lunch, and that’s it for the day you’re supposed to do an afternoon hike. But obviously the weather like this not very safe.

So that’s it we’re just gonna hang out for the rest of the day here in the lodge, and it is beautiful, I’ll show you around a little bit. But, I’m happy to be inside that was a tough HOF morning the place is as warm, and cozy as a winter ski lodge with an interesting decor, and delicious food it is the most welcoming of finishes to the almost unbearable beginning the next morning we awake to a completely new world here we go day five it’s a beautiful day here in the mountains this is why we came not yesterday today makes it all worth it we came to use today yes there was a look yes there was a learning that was the adventure absolutely right hey ray you ready to go today looking good guys today’s track has us leaving the finest refugio, and snow-covered trails at just over 2,000 metres high then we hike down into the sunny Green Valley past the beautiful farmhouses there’s a couple of grown men posting rabbits, and then up the other side prettier than our lunch today okay this background walk this way all sorts of switchbacks on the way up that’s our backdrop though not too bad, and up here sweaty hot stark contrast from yesterday snow is melting legs are burning, I’m ready for some lunch yes these little cabins beautiful tucked away into the woods it’s a long almost 2,000 meter climb back up into the snowy landscape to reach our next refugio. But as always the food waiting is definitely worth here’s a beautiful Wednesday afternoon we just had a big lunch at the refugio, and now we’re heading up past st. as I believe in us Santa’s refugio got beautiful Lake right there some Hut’s mountains in the background we are heading up to a little lookout point, and that has our afternoon plans just a little cardio in the afternoon capture a little cardio in the morning it’s a big deer goulash for lunch after a second hike it’s the afternoon it’s back to redoing the data for incredible pumpkin raviolis with Parmesan, and bacon for dinner, and then a few of the guys stick around for a rapid tasting lesson finish off the night right post dinner we are having proper tasting fooled me we didn’t make, and we’re having dropper tasting this is our graphic kind of sewer crab fishing is rhododendron for me five stars chewing this one that’s beautiful what’s this one this is ginseng digest the other kids yeah things like cleaning are you like that one that one was luxurious delicious. But it also tasted like gasps mom that’s a fine crop was graphic tasting night was a success. But also might’ve been mistake.

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